Coates, With An Appeal To Hitchens, On The Confederate Flag

What to make of those in the south who claim the Confederate flag as part of a properly American southern heritage?  Ta-Nehisi Coates is eloquent: But people can fly the Confederate Flag and have a serious, evidently credible argument, about its “precise meaning,” mostly because of a long historical fight to make the Civil War, [Read More...]

“Testimony: He Or His Apparition”

From Three Poems by Nicole Cooley: Testimony: He or His Apparition About noon, at Salem, Giles Corey was press’d to death for standing Mute. — Samuel Sewall, Diary, September 19, 1692 The girls’ testimony is gravel scattered on the grass. Ann Putnam: Giles Corey or his Apperance has most greviously afflected me by beating pinching and almost [Read More...]

America – Fuck Yeah!

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Jefferson And Mason: From Toleration To Freedom

Happy Independence Day! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Steven Pinker: “Today We Are Probably Living In The Most Peaceful Time In Our Existence”

Pinker argues for this pro-modern thesis in his 2007 TED video: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

How The Texas Textbook Standards Got Corrupted

People For The American Way have an analysis of the process by which Texas’s textbook standards became tools for rewriting history according to a contemporary right wing religious political viewpoint.  Here are just a few glimpses of the changes, both those merely proposed and those actually accepted by the school board, which I had not [Read More...]

Jennifer Michael Hecht On The History Of Doubt And Atheism

Here is Jennifer Michael Hecht, author of Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson at Hampshire College in 2007 discussing the the wrote the complicated history of doubt and atheism: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

How Apologetic Goals Compromise Christian Apologists’ Historical Research

Appealing to insights of the great theologian Paul Tillich, Robert M. Price takes on the corruption of research when it has a defensive agenda. (Sadly, this video was taken down from YouTube) via Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Sarah Palin And Her Naked Theocratic Intentions

I keep wanting to give a thorough response to every bit of ignorance, revisionism, corruption, self-contradiction, condescension, unfounded persecution complex, hypocrisy, and philosophical crudity in this video, coming not only from Sarah Palin but also from Bill O’Reilly, but each line from both of them is so packed with them, that I keep getting overwhelmed [Read More...]