FOX News’s Judge Andrew Napolitano: Bush And Cheney Should Be Indicted (And Lambasts Obama Too)

A great interview with Ralph Nader: Napolitano’s new book, in which he discusses all these issues, is Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History. Thanks to Aram for the link. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

New Hitchens Interview

But not a word about his illness. It is a series of rapid fire questions and answers on a range of topics, with little elaboration. Here are a few interesting bits: Several chapters are devoted to your Trotskyist youth. What attracted you to the left? The name. It was the left opposition to Stalinism, capitalism, [Read More...]

Tom Tancredo Calls Obama The Greatest Threat To America

He essentially compares Obama to the Soviet Union and Al-Qaeda and argues that he is an even wors threat to America than them. It’s just baseless and shameless and insane: H/T: Discernible Chaos Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Oil Spills Onto 1st Amendment, Making It Unreadable, Invalid

Anderson Cooper reports: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Obama’s New Avant-Garde Approach To His Weekly Address

Camels With Hammers isn’t the only one shaking up its visual approach. Check out Othe White House’s new style of weekly video address: Weekly Address: Jobs Creation from White House Weekly Address on Vimeo. Trippy stuff. And it has a message. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Obama Acknowledges Two Father Families In Father’s Day Proclamation, Christian Right Flips Out

Secular News Daily reports: As part of his Sunday proclamation, Obama included a reference to “two fathers”: Nurturing families come in many forms, and children may be raised by a father and mother, a single father, two fathers, a step father, a grandfather, or caring guardian. Tim Wildmon, president of the far-right American Family Association, responded [Read More...]

Bad Science In The Gulf

Rachel Maddow warns that the Obama Administration is ignoring scientific opinion about the way to rebuild the Gulf: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Olbermann And Matthews Rip Obama’s Oval Office Speech

Thanks to Terri Lee for the heads up. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Cults Of Inerrant Leaders

Glenn Greenwald summarizes an atrocity of institutionalized injustice, whereby the executive branch of the United States has the power to abduct and torture innocent people with impunity: The Supreme Court today denied a petition of review from Maher Arar, the Canadian and Syrian citizen who was abducted by the U.S. Government at a stopover at JFK Airport when returning [Read More...]