Nicole Wallace's Desperate Spinning in 2008

Tonight HBO is airing the movie Game Change, which is based on the book with the same name and tells the story of Sarah Palin’s selection as John McCain’s 2008 running mate in his campaign for president. Spoiler alert, at the film’s conclusion,  [Read more...]

Careless Violent Fantasies In Politics

In a post I had overlooked a month ago, Jason tore into the hypocrisy of any leftists who express outrage over violent right wing rhetoric but are okay with a first person zombie game where you get to kill Tea Partiers: The game is about killing the Teabagging zombies before they kill you. It’s called “TEA [Read More...]

Is Evangelicalism Uniquely Vindictive, More Than Other, Secular Ideological Dispositions?

So I had Martin Bashir on in the background one day last week and was struck to hear Nick Broomfield (whose  new documentary Sarah Palin: You Betcha! I highlighted a couple weeks ago) directly and solely blame Sarah Palin’s vindictiveness on her religion. Outside of a handful of scathing New Atheists I don’t think I have [Read More...]

The Good Simple Folks of Alaska Who Really Know Sarah Palin Speak…

In a new documentary by Nick Broomfield: One after another classmates and relatives come forward to grind axes and shiver at the prospect of a Palin presidency. They’re joined by former campaign managers, chief strategists, PR agents, mentors, preachers and policemen, all singing from the same hymn sheet: Palin’s ruthlessness and venom for revenge knows [Read More...]

So… What If Your Only Options In A General Election Were Santorum, Perry, Palin, and Bachmann?

Who is the least of all evils and why? Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Is it Too Risky to Debate Morality’s Foundations in the Public Square?

Jean Kazez argues that the public square is not the place for atheists to be arguing that science and religion are incompatible. I strongly reject her position on this point because not only do I believe that ordinary people are quite capable of handling a vigorous, no-holds-barred debate about religion but because I believe the [Read More...]

“To The Victims Of This Tragedy We Send Our Thoughts And Prayers” By Roy Zimmerman

A satirization of Sarah Palin and what she represents: Of course, as it turned out there were no direct connections between Sarah Palin and Jared Lee Loughner. Nonetheless this is entirely valid criticism of the completely reckless conflation of guns with politics, self-righteous apocalyptic theocratic jingoistic religion, loose talk about revolution, and hyperbolic associations of [Read More...]

Birther Madness In The Republican Party

Anderson Cooper interviews Montana State Representative Bob Wagner who refuses to admit that he knows either that President Obama was born in America or even that being born in America makes someone a citizen: Stupefyingly, Representative Wagner is representative of more than 50% of likely Republican primary voters: Birthers make a majority among those voters [Read More...]

PZ Myers Shouldn’t Sound Like Sarah Palin

Alright, before I get into my possibly anal critique of an off-hand remark from the good Dr. Myers of Pharyngula fame, let me preface what follows with the disclaimer that I really love PZ Myers. I think he’s great. There are few bloggers I read who make both my brain happy and butter up my [Read More...]