Responses To Claims That LGBT Labels “Shouldn’t Matter”

Lala Stone is a journalism masters degree candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. In response to my fairly widely read post from the summer Why Do We Need Labels Like “Gay”, “Bi”, “Trans”, and “Cis”? she sent me some interview questions for a long form article she’s writing about sexual minorities who refuse to [Read More...]

Why Do We Need Labels Like “Gay”, “Bi”, “Trans”, and “Cis”?

In this post I want to address skepticism about identity labels. I want to deal with people who say things like the following: People shouldn’t have to identify as gay or straight or bi, they should just be people. Or People shouldn’t identify as gay or bi because that’s defining yourself by who you want [Read More...]

Famous Homosexuals In History

I loved the show Soap when it used to run on Comedy Central. Yesterday, I discovered it’s no longer on Netflix streaming, which was a bummer. So, I turned to YouTube to see what scraps I could find and found this gem of a clip which happens to involve Plato and some vintage mainstream education against homophobia. [Read More...]

For The Bible Tells Me So, A Documentary Chronicling Conservative Christian Homophobia

Since Tuesday, I have been talking about the devastating impact of the conservative Christian church on LGBT youth. The other night, via an old Libby Anne post I serendipitously happened upon this relevant documentary called For the Bible Tells Me So, which is all about how conservative Christians demonize gays and what it’s like growing up gay [Read More...]

An Empirical Study of the Link Between Suicidal LGBT Youth and Religious Upbringing

On Wednesday, I published a piece placing some of the blame for the horrifying rates of LGBT youth homelessness and suicidal tendencies on the conservative Christian churches that are raising their children in a toxically homophobic environment that not only demonizes their homosexuality as sinful but in no small part defines the Christian identity in [Read More...]

Philosophical Advice For A Lesbian Atheist With Religiously Homophobic Future In-Laws

Dear Dr. Fincke, I am at a complete loss when it comes to my future in-laws (ahhh…in-law problems). I have identified as an atheist, openly and proudly, since I knew there was a word for what I (didn’t) believe. It doesn’t often come up, but I’m not afraid to talk about it when it does. [Read More...]

My Discussion of Gays With Right Wing Radio Host Jesse Lee Peterson (Free Audio and Transcript)

On December 11, 2013 I appeared on the nationally syndicated Jesse Lee Peterson Show to discuss my blog post “How I Wish The Homosexuality Debate Would Go”. Usually old episodes of the show can only be heard with a subscription, but you can listen to my appearance for free by using this link for Camels [Read More...]

I’m On The Radio and Livestreaming Internet Today, 11am Eastern Time on the Jesse Lee Peterson Show


A couple months back I wrote an article called “How Wish The Homosexuality Debate Would Go”. My article was a response to an article of the same title (except for the italicized “I”) by a conservative Christian named Trevin Wax at The Gospel Coalition. In that article, Wax explored all the arguments he wished conservative Christians would successfully make by using the conceit of a hypothetical TV or radio interview with a hostile interviewer. I critiqued Wax’s proposed replies to criticisms of conservative Christian positions on gays in the church and in the culture, exploring all the arguments wish we heard in media discussions of gays, conservative Christianity, and the culture.

Now, ironically and gratefully, I have the opportunity to talk to an actual nationally syndicated radio show host who is hostile to my positions. So we will see how the arguments fare. I am going to be on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show today at 11:05am Eastern Time. I am told I will be on for possibly as long as an hour. Check your local affiliates for the Jesse Lee Peterson Show or listen on livestream here. There should be a way to listen to the interview afterwards. [Read more...]

Kidnapped for Christ

Christian homophobia combined with sadistic Christian authoritarian fetishism of “discipline” leads to this: The Kickstarter to help finish this documentary is here. From the Kickstarter, Kidnapped for Christ follows the stories of several American teenagers who were taken from their homes and sent to an Evangelical Christian reform school known as Escuela Caribe located in the [Read More...]