An Arty Take On Britney Spears

I always loved the chorus to this song, so I’m glad to see someone open up the artistic possibilities within the whole concept. Yaël Naïm’s “Toxic”: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Tegan and Sara’s “I’m Not Your Hero”

Tegan and Sara, whom I adore, came out with their new album Heartthrob this week. I love this song from it: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Warned You

A new song called “Warned You” by the band NowhereNauts. I love the drumming on it. [Read more...]

It’s 2013 In New York

I’m living in the future, baby! Your Celebratory Song of Choice? [Read more...]

Hegel, I Goethe Goethe Have You ‘Cause I Nietzsche Nietzsche Nietzsche So Bad

A charmingly silly song composed with many German philosophers’ last names by J. Boor: Even apart from the novelty value, it’s a catchy tune in the vein of Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields. Buy the song for just a dollar and/or read the lyrics here. Casey Charllotte Carr comments in the spirit of the [Read More...]

Tegan and Sara’s New Song “Closer”

Tegan and Sara, the twin sister pop band whose music I have been obsessed with for a couple years now, just released the first single from their forthcoming album–a super cheesy ’80s soundalike song. [Read more...]

David Byrne & St. Vincent’s New Album

What a dream collaboration! Their album Love This Giant is out today! Here is a little video they made about the album for The Daily Beast: I am going to see them when they come to New York in two and a half weeks! I saw her at Pitchfork’s music festival in 2010 and she [Read More...]

Retro ’80s Industrial Music: The Ghostbusters Theme Played On 8 Floppy Drives

Things will be more philosophical around these parts soon, I promise! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A New "Broken Social Scene" Band!

For a decade now, Broken Social Scene has been one of the best bands in all of pop music, indie or otherwise. They are also a band filled with talented artists who are part of other bands on the side, some of which are comparably fantastic as BSS itself. Now Brandon Channing, one of the central [Read More...]