Shelley Segal's Salamander Song

Shelley Segal got dumped and then her new salamander died. At the 14:18 mark of the podcast below, you can hear the blunt and amusing song that resulted from this confluence of events. (via That Weird Atheist Girl) Your browser does not support the audio element. // <![CDATA[ var audioTag = document.createElement('audio'); if (!(!!(audioTag.canPlayType) && [Read More...]

Best of Tegan and Sara's "Carpool Confessional"

So, as I noted before, as Tegan and Sara have been recording their new album they have also been making weekly videos of their daily car trips to and from the studio. Last week’s video brought the exciting news that the album is done. And for their last “confessional” they recapped many of the most [Read More...]

We Have Lost Donna Summer

She was, for me, the best of the disco era. Below is the long version of the epically orgasmic “Love To Love You Baby”: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

I Can't Forget, But I Don't Remember What

An old friend and loyal reader misses the old days on Camels With Hammers when I regularly posted about music—even going so far as to get 70 or so entries into what was supposed to be a yearlong daily top 365 artists countdown at one point. So, when I discovered this cool old Leonard Cohen [Read More...]

Rowlf and Fozzie on the Piano

Sorry to go silent all this week. I have just had a lot going on. I should be back up to speed soon with regular posting any day now. And from May and through at least the summer I should be churning out substantive ideas pieces at my regular breakneck speed. In the meantime, this [Read More...]

Tegan and Sara in "Body Work" and "Carpool Confessional"

The song is credited as primarily Morgan Page’s but all the singing is Tegan and Sara so mediocre lyrics aside, I’ll consider this one a Tegan and Sara song. It’s great to see and hear them again: AND they’re recording their new album finally! And they’re filming all their trips to and from the studio [Read More...]

My Apartment's Very Clean Without You

A new Garfunkel and Oates song with a neat animated video: There’s also now a hilarious official video for “Save the Rich”. I think it’s funnier than the song itself: Both songs can be found on their new album Slippery When Moist. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Little Friday Afternoon Harmony

Covering the Jason Mraz song “Lucky”, sisters Camille and Haley Harris come off as a really sweet and charming pair of young women with gorgeous, well harmonized voices: Wasn’t that beautiful? Okay, the ugly complications of politics are below the fold. Skip that stuff if you’d like to end your experience of these talented and [Read More...]

I'm a Muppet of a Man, I'm a Very Manly Muppet

In honor of the most justly deserved Oscar win for “Man or Muppet” just now, I am reposting my personal meditation/film review which was inspired by the song and written (and lost in the barrage of so many posts) during my January blogathon. Enjoy! [Read more...]