Paterno and the Pope

Jon Stewart says what needs to be said. (via Kylie) Freethought Blogs coverage of this disgrace comes from Pharyngula: What? It’s not just Catholic priests? and This is why I hate college football programs, Digital Cuttlefish: Am I Making Myself Clear?, Commradde Physioprof: Does Penn State Actively Condone The Rape Of Children?, and Almost Diamonds: Understanding Penn State. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Critique of Noble Lies And The "Theologies" They Create

In this long post, I begin by explaining Plato’s formulation of the concept of a noble lie for those unfamiliar with it and then I explain in detail numerous problems I see with employing noble lies and with attempts to persuade people through “theological” arguments. I think all theology is either an explicit or an [Read More...]

The Woman King

I read the PZ’s post about the decision of Patrick Henry High School’s students to vote a lesbian couple to be homecoming king and queen. It put a big smile on my face and this awesome song started playing in my head: Listen to it as you help to Pharyngulate the poll on whether the students’ judgment made sense. [Read More...]

Breaking News: Yankee Fan Takes Joy In Other Team's Victory

Freethought Blogs’ own Gentlemanly Physiology Professor spent the late summer months giving exquisitely nuanced baseball commentary, favoring his beloved Yankees but also being gracious and good natured as he gently ribbed their rival Red Sox. And he showed a gentleman’s magnanimity towards the Red Sox fans when they ultimately lost the wild card in a historic [Read More...]

Taxes, Employment Rates, and Deficits Explained In Less Than 2 Minutes

Update: Tony Adams, from the video has stopped by in the comments section. Go welcome him and ask him anything his remarks in the video make you think about! This keeps happening that people whose writings or video interviews I talk about on the blog show up. Thanks to Greg. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Having Trouble Figuring Out What Conservatives Really Think?

Bret translates 10 popular phrases used by conservatives into ordinary English. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The State of the Arab World

Fareed Zakaria’s depressing summation of the findings of the United Nation’s Arab Development Report, which he considers to be “the most important book of the last decade”: To what extent can we blame modern Islam for all of this? To what extent neo-colonialism? To what extent something else? I am inclined to say that the [Read More...]

"It's Not About Religion"

Cranston High School West in Rhode Island is a public school which has a prayer affixed to a wall in the auditorium. 16 year old Jessica Ahlquist has been fighting for two years to get it removed on the grounds that it violates the separation of church and state. You can read an interview with [Read More...]

Memorializing Suicides Without Heroizing Suicide

Gay blogger Jim Burroway believes that Lady Gaga’s advocacy for the LGBT community is genuine and passionate but worries about a backfire effect of her decision to prominently dedicate a song to one of her young fans who took his life recently: as I watch this video of her performing “Hair” and dedicating it to Jamey Rodemeyer at [Read More...]