Plato’s Cave: Search and Rescue


In case you don’t know Plato’s Cave already (or if you just want a cool animated version of it): And now comes the T-Shirt: Apparently if you would like to buy this T-Shirt, you have to do it by the end of today as it’s a limited campaign. Click here to order or learn more. [Read More...]


A link to an incredibly cool novelty website. [Read more...]

Go For Halloween With A Giant Gaping Hole In Your Torso

Truly ingenius costume ideas from Mark Rober. [Read more...]

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve


An imaginative, slightly bloody Halloween costume for literalists. [Read more...]

How Well Do You Discriminate Colors?

Take this fun test to find out how well you discriminate colors. [Read more...]

Duet for Saw and Coyotes

Krissy from the band Dylan Trees is able to mimic and induce coyote calls with a saw: A similar effect can be had on cheetahs, using a motorcycle engine. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Camel Happiness

I feel like I owe readers more camels on this blog, lest I get charged with false advertisement. And if Google search words that lead to my blog are any indication, there is a demand for posts on camel sex that I have not been meeting. I do not, as of yet, have anything interesting [Read More...]

Star Wars Galaxy Travel Posters

9 more such clever and charming posters here. [Read more...]

Retro ’80s Industrial Music: The Ghostbusters Theme Played On 8 Floppy Drives

Things will be more philosophical around these parts soon, I promise! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]