It's Tow Trucks All The Way Down (The Highway)

A tow truck towing a tow truck towing a tow truck towing a tow truck. Which raises a deeper philosophical question of just far this could go on and whether could there be an infinite regress—a never ending loop of tow trucks with no first tow truck. And also, how many tow trucks could a [Read More...]

Top Your Tree With the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

You can order one here. More atheist themed holiday decorations here. A closer view below the fold: [Read more...]

Get The Ultimate Power Balance Band

Finally a Power Balance wrist band which promises to use a proven method for helping athletes perform better: The Sunny Skeptic reviews it: A friend gave me the most excellent present ever, a Placebo Band! I put it on, stood in the middle of the circle in my wrestler stance and said “TRY to knock [Read More...]

Cartoon Eye Balls Make Everything More Fun

Pareidolia anyone? From Timm Schneider’s art project They Live. See more. Via Laughing Squid (no relation to PZ. That I know of.) Photo by Amanda Moulson of Turnstyle News Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Does This Count As A "Caturday" Post?

I’m not at all a cat person but I just think these classic album covers recreated with cats are funny. But by posting this on a Saturday does that make this my capitulation to the Caturday craze or do I have to intend to make a Caturday post for it to be one? via Your [Read More...]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Wedding Cake

Behold the wedding cake of the future in which atheists attain supreme, hegemonic cultural control: via Friendly Atheist More awesome cakes here. Awesomely terrible cakes here. Your Cakes? [Read more...]

The Top 20 "5-second films" in 3 minutes

Many of these are hilarious (and dark): And if you like your 5 second films a little more Hollywood, see below the fold: [Read more...]

Venn Piagram

Deliciously logical: via and via Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

New York As A House

Pretty cool: Greater New York is in some ways like a house. Manhattan is the living room, with the TV and the stereo and the good furniture, where guests are entertained. Brooklyn and Queens are the bedrooms where the family sleeps, and the Bronx is the attic, full of inflammable crap that nobody has any [Read More...]