Are Supernaturalists Actually Super-materialists?

Ophelia plucks and highlights a comment so good and philosophically interesting from PZ’s comments section that I just have to reproduce it too. For the background, Colin Tudge falsely claimed that in Richard Dawkins’s new introduction to science for children, The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True, Dawkins dogmatically imposes on children a “crude materialism” that [Read More...]

'Nuff Said Award Winner: Discidius

HUMANCENTiPADGet More: SOUTHPARKKyle Broflovski,Eric Cartman,more… On Reddit, in a retort to a plea to stop patronizing people by telling them to read their Bibles and see the supposedly obvious things they are missing, discidius nails many Christians and makes the point for encouraging them to read their Bible more: Most Christians treat the bible like [Read More...]

'Nuff Said Award Winner: James Sweet

It’s time for another award for a commenter who says something that needs no further commentary. This time the award goes to James Sweet who offered this response to the post about hate messages against an atheist on Facebook: This is probably a minority of Christians who are like this. A significant minority, mind you, [Read More...]

‘Nuff Said Award Winner: Holden Mirror On Tea Party Legislative Priorities

Today’s ‘Nuff Said Award comes not from a Camels With Hammers commenter but a Huffington Post one named Holden Mirror: Between union busting and uterus busting, are you Baggers ever going to do any work on jobs? ‘Nuff Said. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

‘Nuff Said Award Winner: Jeff Dale

Jeff Dale’s ‘Nuff Said Award is for his reply to the following passage from Drew Dyck in which Dyck accuses young defectors from Christianity of being motivated to leave their faith because of their “sinful” sexual behavior: So 20- and 30-somethings are leaving—but why? When I ask church people, I receive some variation of this [Read More...]

Just How Much Control Over Their Children’s Thought Are Parents Entitled To?

In reply to yesterday’s open philosophical question whether a Swedish law banning any school, even private ones, from indoctrinating students by teaching their religious tenets as truths (with the ulterior motive of undermining Islamic schools’ abilities to radicalize their students), Mary Young makes a rigorous and eloquent case against such bans well worth highlighting (and [Read More...]

‘Nuff Said Award Winner: Mary Young

It’s been well over a year since I’ve felt inclined to give out a ’nuff said award to a commentator, but Mary’s reply to my post on charity, religion, and conservatism definitely qualifies as a comment which deserves its own blog post and needs no further comment from me: The driving force behind what calls [Read More...]

‘Nuff Said Award Winner: Mike The Monolith

On the media: For years I’ve heard liberals say the media is too conservative, and the conservatives say the media is too liberal. I’ve always thought some parts of the media were like that kid on the playground that said “Psst! Did you hear what so and so said about your mom?” Controversy sells and [Read More...]

‘Nuff Said Award Winner: Mike Speir On The Sources Of Evangelical Americanism

Forgive me for mining the comments on Unreasonable Faith for yet another post but their community of commentators is spectacular, so it’s inevitable that there will be multiple things worth calling attention to.  This comes from  Mike Speir (who is also something of a Camels With Hammers regular): My thinking is that Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christians in [Read More...]