33 years ago right about now I was born. If the next 33 years are as rich as the first 33, if I continue to grow year by year in the next 33 years as much as I have in the first 33 years, I will live as good a life as any human being [Read More...]

A Video Of Me Rambling About Nietzsche

This is from 2007 and I just found that it pops right up when one Googles me. It’s hard for me to watch because it involves watching me. But I figured it might be of interest to others. Forgive the extemporaneousness of it all and enjoy some of the more hilarious hand gestures. (My favorite [Read More...]

We’ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet, For Days Of Auld Lang Syne

Thank you, everyone who has been there, in whatever way whatsoever in which you have been there, during the last ten crucial years of my life. I passionately love my life, and when I say that I mean I love many, many of you and am grateful still to the rest. I would jump at [Read More...]

Some Personal Reflections On New Year’s Eve

There is only one holiday that approaches the status of holy day in my heart and mind and it is the one we celebrate during the late hours of tonight, across midnight, and into the early hours of tomorrow. As temporal beings whose every experience is temporally constructed time is fundamentally constitutive to our lives. [Read More...]

Why Free Time Should Not Be Labeled “Optional”

Lily reflects on her failures to reflect this summer: Whenever I’m extremely busy, free time is always the first thing to go. I hang onto sleep and food and cleanliness for as long as I can, but I had always seen free time as superfluous, expendable, and willingly sacrificed. That’s what I did this summer, [Read More...]

Allan Hazlett Leaves Fordham For Edinburgh

Allan Hazlett arrived at Fordham long after I was done with coursework and, curiously, our primary interactions were in interviewing each other.  When he visited the campus as a prospective member of the faculty I participated in a lunch designed for him to meet the graduate students so that he could learn about the program [Read More...]

Back In Blog

Thanks everyone for your patience the last nearly four weeks as I have been rarely posting new ideas pieces.  I’ve been preoccupied with a short vacation, moving, and then some settling in and taking a few days to do nothing for the first time since finishing the dissertation in the spring. But it’s time to [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I have the best mom in the world.  Sorry everybody else. From the time I was little until today, I have never for a millisecond had to doubt or worry about my mother’s love for me.  I am sure that without my ever having to think about it or consciously reference it, her love forms [Read More...]

How Did Rational Arguments Persuade You Out Of Belief?

One often hears the dubious claim that rational arguments cannot persuade any one to abandon their religious beliefs or their religious faith traditions.  I find when people perpetuate this idea they are usually trying to stop a debate that they find uncomfortable.  Sometimes people dismiss the possibility of rational persuasion in matters of belief because [Read More...]