Camels With Hammers Turns 5 Years Old Today!


Warning: This is a personal post, so only read it if you’re interested in me and my navel gazing and victory lapping about my own life. No complaining if you read on and don’t like either of these things. You were warned! June 23, 2009 was the beginning of the Camels With Hammers era of my life. [Read More...]

Join Me In The 5th Circle of Atheist Hell

Andrew at Laughing At Purgatory explains my place in the fifth ring of atheist hell: Fifth Ring of Hell: Other Atheists Some may have issue with my placing other of the godless so deep in the 9 Rings. Are other atheists have really as bad as living in the Bible belt or worse than having to listen [Read More...]

“God’s Not Dead” Fans, I Dare You To Study The Existence of God With Me, a Real Atheist Philosophy Professor.

This post is periodically updated from its original to keep the information current.  I spent 11 years teaching philosophy at universities and I am an outspoken atheist blogger. So, I took special interest in the mean-spirited mischaracterization of people like me in the evangelical Christian movie God’s Not Dead, in which an atheist philosophy professor [Read More...]

A Bitter Sweet Goodbye To Unreasonable Faith

In June 2009, I took my abandoned personal blog and, with the help of an old friend from college who had recently deconverted and become enthused about my writing, I relaunched it as Camels With Hammers, determined to make it a well-read blog. Although the very first post, curiously, doesn’t even mention atheism (or anything else [Read More...]

The Secret Intimacy Between Solitary Writers and Readers

Were you and I to interact directly, whether communicating face to face or exchanging messages in writing, we would be tailoring our self-presentation to each other. We would be thinking about what information we feel comfortable divulging and how exactly to frame it so that we can represent ourselves, our opinions, and our lives how [Read More...]

Before I Deconverted: My Dad and My God

Christians frequently accuse atheists of just “hating God” because we hate our dads. In this post, I dig through the myriad ways one’s perceptions of one’s dad might affect one’s views on God in varying directions and then do what so many Christians intrusively demand: I get on the couch for some personal amateur psychoanalysis about how my relationship with my dad relates to my former faith and my current atheism. [Read more...]

Enroll Today in My Online Philosophy Classes!

Daniel Fincke Online Philosophy Classes

New Classes Starting the first week of October! If you enjoy reading my philosophical blog posts, consider taking one of my online philosophy classes! I earned my PhD and taught 93 university classes before I went into business for myself. My online classes involve live, interactive class discussions with me and your fellow students held over videoconference [Read More...]

Since My Deconversion: I Think I’ve Been in Denial About Christian Insincerity.

Yesterday Frank Schaeffer published a post that’s already going viral accusing the moneymakers atop the Evangelical Christian world of not really buying what they’re selling: Let’s be honest. Sure some smart young people who “come to Christ” are deeply sincere. Then life happens to them and they come to see that nothing is quite as [Read More...]

Sunday (2/2/14) I’ll be on a live video panel with Richard Carrier, Julia Galef, and Jess Whittlestone

As part of FtBConscience 2, I will be on a panel February 2, 2014 from 1pm-2pm Eastern Time covering the topic “Philosophy for Everyone”, along with Richard Carrier, Julia Galef, and Jess Whittlestone. Brief description of the themes and bios of my co-panelists are below: What is philosophy? What use is it for the average Jane or [Read More...]