Since My Deconversion: I Think I’ve Been in Denial About Christian Insincerity.

Yesterday Frank Schaeffer published a post that’s already going viral accusing the moneymakers atop the Evangelical Christian world of not really buying what they’re selling: Let’s be honest. Sure some smart young people who “come to Christ” are deeply sincere. Then life happens to them and they come to see that nothing is quite as [Read More...]

Sunday (2/2/14) I’ll be on a live video panel with Richard Carrier, Julia Galef, and Jess Whittlestone

As part of FtBConscience 2, I will be on a panel February 2, 2014 from 1pm-2pm Eastern Time covering the topic “Philosophy for Everyone”, along with Richard Carrier, Julia Galef, and Jess Whittlestone. Brief description of the themes and bios of my co-panelists are below: What is philosophy? What use is it for the average Jane or [Read More...]

Creative People’s Worst Enemy: Their Own Good Taste

This is a nice video which sets visual images to a bit of monologue from Ira Glass where he is talking about how creative people’s own good taste often discourages them while they are in the early stages of honing their craft since they are better at seeing what is wrong or limited with what [Read More...]

What I Want For My Birthday


Today is my birthday!

I am not going to be around all day as I am on a cruise right now with no internet access. But in case you would like to give me a gift, there is something special that I really really want and cannot get for myself. I want the movie I was in, Hug An Atheist to be able to be shown in film festivals that can give it the kind of exposure and buzz that it needs to make it a well-seen film. Director Sylvia Broeckx has made a fantastic film for humanizing humanists here and I am proud to be in it and I want it to get around. So, if you could chip in to Sylvia’s campaign to fund the film’s promotion it could make a huge difference to an important little film.

Or, if you don’t feel like donating money or even like getting me a gift. You could always just get yourself the gift of Hug an Atheist. For just $10 you can download the movie and any minute now be watching it right on your computer. For $30, you can order the DVD. [Read more...]

There’s an article on me in Inside Higher Ed

In response to my (surprisingly) much read post on how and why I am leaving adjunct teaching to develop my own business as an online philosopher, Inside Higher Ed has a piece on me today: Fincke discusses the possibility of failure on his blog. He wants to remain a teacher, he said, but even “if [Read More...]

My Appearance On The Jesse Lee Peterson Show This Morning

Right wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson had me back on his show today. HERE is the audio of it. Last month I had the chance to defend gays to him and his listeners. You can hear the audio and/or read the transcript of that discussion here. Today I was on to talk about my recent posts on hypocrisy at Empowerment Ethics and at Camels With Hammers(And speaking of Empowerment Ethics, my new alternate blog devoted to rebooting and re-explaining and further developing my views on ethics point by point, today is Monday so there is a new post up on that blog. It tackles the question of how morality can be assessed for its truth and/or authority by criteria external to itself.) [Read more...]

The Myriad Things To Expect From Me In 2014

In 2014, having left adjunct teaching behind, I am going to devote myself full time to online endeavors. That means that I will write a lot more on Camels With Hammers, updating at least once a day and likely updating multiple times, so come back here frequently. If all goes well, not only will there be [Read More...]

On The End of My Adjunct Teaching Career

Over the last eleven years, from January 2003 until December 2013, I taught 22 consecutive semesters and two summer sessions of philosophy classes. I have taught an estimated 2,500 university students over the course of 93.5 classes at 7 universities (Fordham University, William Paterson University, St. John’s University, Fairfield University, Hofstra University, Hunter College City [Read More...]

When I Deconverted: I Experienced Something Like A Spiritual Break Up

1996-2000: At Grove City College, the evangelical Christian college where I was an undergraduate, it was common to the point of utterly mundane to meet spiritually intense people who had one degree of interest or experience with missionary work. But even at Grove City, this one classmate of mine stood out to me as exuding [Read More...]