Before I Deconverted: My Parents Divorced


1978-1993: My strongest memory of my parents’ relationship with each other when I was little is that they argued constantly. I doubt the precision of most childhood memories but I have a memory that I would sit on the stairs out of view eavesdropping on them and essentially keeping score of who seemed to make [Read More...]

How I Deconverted: I Saw An Agnostic Speak At A Christian Philosophy Conference

Earlier today, I explained why I enjoy participating in predominantly faith-friendly forums, as an opportunity to represent atheists to a wider audience. In response, the atheist Dan Linford, informed me that he will be giving a presentation to the 2013 Society of Christian Philosophers Eastern Regional Meeting on “Theistic Metaphysics and Naturalism”. And all of a [Read More...]

I’m in a Calendar

Humanists of Florida Association Calendar Daniel Fincke Power

The Humanists of Florida has put together a really cool calendar with pictures and quotes from their upcoming conference’s scheduled speakers (James Randi, Dale McGowan, Seth Andrews, Sarah Morehead, Jennifer Hancock, Bridgett Crutchfield, Daniel Fincke, Nate Phelps, Darrel Ray, D.J. Grothe, Alix Jules, Dave Silverman). Since I am on that roster, I am in the calendar: Support grassroots humanism by picking up a [Read More...]

NEW (9/20/13) Online Philosophy Class Announcement, Schedule Updates, and Open Offer

I just am writing to update information on the philosophy classes I am offering this fall. I have had exciting enrollments in a couple of the classes and want to extend the window for offering them. By request, I am also canceling one section no one enrolled for and replacing it with another to meet a prospective student’s request. Each course is $16/hour for a 40 hour commitment. E-mail me at to inquire about more details or to register outright.

1. The newly announced class is Ethics and it will run Tuesday and Thursday mornings (Eastern Time) from 9am-11am Eastern Time, from October 8 to December 19.

2. The other Ethics class began on this past Tuesday night (9/16) and went wonderfully. We already had 4 students and at least two (and possibly three) more students who will be adding to the class next week. This weekend, I am offering to do make up sessions to catch those students up with what we did last Tuesday. If you too still want to join that Tuesday night 8pm-11pm Eastern Time class, there is still time to do so! For no extra cost I will even make up what you missed either this weekend or next, to help you out.

3. The Thursday night 8pm-11pm Eastern Time Nietzsche has been postponed to start one week late to accommodate one of the students’ need to delay the first session. So, that gives you one more week to sign up and join us for the start on September 26 having missed nothing! That course will run 13 weeks, likely ending January 3, 2014 (assuming we skip Thanksgiving Thursday and the day after Christmas).

4. I am also pushing back the start of the Philosophy For Atheists that meets on Friday nights 9-midnight Eastern Time . It will run now from September 27-December 20. So again, this means you can start next Friday having missed nothing.

5. My Enlightenment To Contemporary Philosophy course covering the fascinating and wide varied developments in Philosophy from the 1600s and ending in the present day has essentially been postponed to start in October. This course will run for 2 hours a week on Tuesdays from 11am-1pm for the time being. It may also move to Sundays noon-2pm, so please sign up if you’re flexible.

6. Finally, in October I am looking to start once weekly 3 hour long weekend classes that will run into January. I am very flexible on when to hold them on Sundays (preferably) or Saturdays. But I need your input! Write me at to let me know what you want to take and when you want to take it and I’ll announce something (or a couple things) in a week or two! The full descriptions of the available courses are at the bottom of this post. [Read more...]

Learn Philosophy Through Face to Face Conversations With Dr. Daniel Fincke This Fall

I am offering online classes again this fall. There is no college matriculation necessary (and no college credit offered). There is no more homework than you’re interested in doing. This is just about pure philosophical learning, discussion, and debate tailored to your interests and needs, from the comfort and convenience of your home computer. Here [Read More...]

See you in Philly this Weekend and in Orlando in November!

Because of Yom Kippur, I am off on Friday when I would normally be teaching all day. So, I decided to go to the 2013 Pennsylvania State Atheist/Humanist Conference. I am seriously looking forward to seeing all sorts of people from the movement. If you are going to be at the conference or if you [Read More...]

On How My Interview Footage Was Edited For The “Hug An Atheist” Documentary

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 5.45.54 PM

You know that feeling when you’re watching a show and people are saying things about a topic you have strong, informed opinions about and you just wish you could jump in and fill in the missing pieces of what they’re saying, or maybe shade what they’re saying with the nuances you’re passionate about and which [Read More...]

How I Friend, Unfriend, Block, and Enforce Civility on Facebook

Sorry for a navel gazing post. I am just writing this so I have something to link to as a reference when Facebook friends of mine don’t understand my thinking in how I deal with removing their comments (or not) or blocking people (or not). So, it’s sort of a housekeeping thing for my own Facebook wall, only tangentially relevant to the blog or anything important in the immense universe beyond my Facebook wall. [Read more...]

Study Philosophy From The Enlightenment Until Today, Sundays Online With Me!

Sundays from 12pm-2pm Eastern Time, I am going to be teaching a class online that is going to follow the development of philosophy from Descartes to the present day. We will use Google’s interactive video technology (Google+ Hangout) to video conference our discussions. We’re going explore a great variety of powerfully influential and fascinating philosophical [Read More...]