My Weekend At CFI Student Leadership Conference 2013

July 25-28, I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the Center For Inquiry Student Leadership Conference 2013 at the Center For Inquiry’s headquarters in Amherst, New York. But my conference experience started in a Massachusetts airport where I was pacing around during my layover, getting mentally worked up to defend philosophy in my [Read More...]

Philosophical Advice for a Procrastinating Graduate Student

This is a long post about procrastination. It is long for three reasons:

(1) I have long experience myself with procrastination and specifically with graduate school induced procrastination, and a ton to say about it.

(2) People who suffer from procrastination I think will be greedy for as much insight and help as they might be able to get.

(3) A nice, 4,000 word article is ideal for procrastinators because it can either give an excuse to spend a lot of time not working or become so much of a chore that just getting back to the work you’re supposed to be doing suddenly seems preferable. Whichever this turns out to be for you: you’re welcome. [Read more...]

My July, from CONvergence to FtBConscience to CFI Student Leadership Conference

(left to right) Dan Fincke, Heina Dadabhoy, Debbie Goddard, Bridget Landry, PZ Myers

So, somewhat unexpectantly, I wound up booked for several very exciting opportunities to give talks here in the month of July. Earlier in this month, on July 7, I was on a panel at CONvergence called “Science: Friends or Foes?” Alongside me were Heina Dababhoy from Skepchick, Debbie Goddard, who is the Director of Outreach [Read More...]

Some More Favorite Quotes

A year ago today, I shared with you my favorite quotations and sayings. Here are more: “One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil.” Nietzsche “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Nietzsche “You were [Read More...]

Obi-Dan Finckobi (and other photoshops and star wars things)

Obi-Dan Finckobi Close Up

In this post, I round up some fun photoshops of me friends have done, link you to a cache of photos of me you can use to make your own, and link you to two Star Wars posts from Camels With Hammers that I am particularly proud of. [Read more...]

After I Deconverted: I Was Deeply Ambivalent; What Was I to Make of Sex, Love, Alcohol, Bisexuality, Abortion, 9/11, Religious Violence, Marxism, or the Yankees?

This is a long installment of my ongoing series covering my journey before, during, and after my deconversion from Christianity. Since I think it is interesting how all the ambivalences, contradictions, anxieties, and displacements that I was experiencing parallel and inform each other, I am deciding to post it all as one episode in the series, rather than break each easily isolatable vignette into its own post. For the busy or the short attention spanned, I have made it easier to read in multiple sittings or to skim by breaking it into subsections according to themes. [Read more...]

I Just Like Loving Her

With one very notable exception, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over any of the women I’ve fallen in love with. And I’ve fallen in love with a lot of them. The vast majority of these loves weren’t reciprocated, so there was a lot of unrequited longing. Mostly it was that way until I graduated [Read More...]

I’ll Be Writing Daily Again Starting This Week

A personal update in which I explain why my posting rate has dropped off so much in recent months and announce my resolve to post daily again starting this week. [Read more...]

Finishing Years

In a completely personal post, possibly of interest only to me, I reflect on my feelings about the new year and new years past. [Read more...]