Fordham Repudiates Ann Coulter

me in my Fordham robes, upon receiving my PhD

As an outspoken atheist and critic of religious beliefs and institutions, I have had nothing but positive experiences with Fordham University as a place of inclusiveness, civility, and academic freedom during my years there as a graduate student and professor. So I was worried when I learned Ann Coulter, a terrible opponent of so many of Fordham’s most admirable values, had been invited to speak on campus. [Read more...]

After My Deconversion: I Refuse To Let Christians Judge Me

I explain my former Christianity and my reasons for abandoning it in depth, in order to make clear why I get so indignant at Christians who flippantly speculate about the “real” reasons I deconverted. [Read more...]

After My Deconversion: Avoiding The Abuser’s Dialectic (Or “My Nietzschean Lion Stage of Indignation”)


Usually when I lose my temper, I am not proud of it afterwards. But a particular pair of temper tantrums I threw in graduate school revealed to me something important about my own self-understanding and my sense of dignity.

But I also am very leery of falling prey to what I here dub “The Abuser’s Dialectic”. I would rather achieve a sort of Stoic overcoming of emotions that are reactive to others and, in that way, extensions of others’ abilities to control us, manipulate us, and make us into them. [Read more...]

A Postmortem on my Deconversion: Was it that I just didn’t love Jesus enough?

A Christian friend from my college days read my latest installment of my series on my deconversion and thought she had finally figured out the problem that led me to atheism. And it’s so simple! Why hadn’t I thought of it in all these years! Why hadn’t I thought of trying this in my 10 [Read More...]

How I Deconverted: I Ultimately Failed To Find Reality In Abstractions

My final two months as a Christian and the conversation, 13 years ago today, in which the switch in my brain flipped and I decided to stop trying to hold on to my faith. The next night, I would for all intents and purposes deconvert. [Read more...]

My Experiences of Bullying Growing up as a Weakling and a Physical Coward

My experiences with bullying, focused on one week I spent terrified at church camp. [Read more...]

How I Deconverted: My Closeted Gay Best Friend Became A Nihilist and Turned Suicidal

The most decisive chapter in my process of deconversion explained. [Read more...]

How I Deconverted: My Closest and Seemingly “Holiest” Friend Came Out As Gay

As a 20 year old conservative Evangelical at one of America’s most conservative Evangelical colleges, I was stunned when my best and most seemingly “holy” friend came out as gay. [Read more...]

The Good Atheist Interviewed Me About Strife in the Atheist Community, How I Deconverted, and Atheism+

After Jacob Fortin of The Good Atheist enthusiastically discovered my “No Hate” post from the end of the summer, I offered to talk to him about it on his podcast. So that’s what we did. During the interview I also explained more about my deconversion and Nietzsche’s role in it, covering the most important parts of my deconversion process that I have not yet written about in my deconversion series. Finally we also debated the merits of the creation of Atheism Plus and talked generally about the pros and cons of dividing the atheist movement.

I had a blast meeting Jake. I found him really thoughtful and insightful, our podcast interview was really probing, and we hit it off so much that we talked shop and atheist politics for another hour after the show. You can hear our podcast discussion by clicking a link in this post. [Read more...]