How I Deconverted: My Closest and Seemingly “Holiest” Friend Came Out As Gay

As a 20 year old conservative Evangelical at one of America’s most conservative Evangelical colleges, I was stunned when my best and most seemingly “holy” friend came out as gay. [Read more...]

The Good Atheist Interviewed Me About Strife in the Atheist Community, How I Deconverted, and Atheism+

After Jacob Fortin of The Good Atheist enthusiastically discovered my “No Hate” post from the end of the summer, I offered to talk to him about it on his podcast. So that’s what we did. During the interview I also explained more about my deconversion and Nietzsche’s role in it, covering the most important parts of my deconversion process that I have not yet written about in my deconversion series. Finally we also debated the merits of the creation of Atheism Plus and talked generally about the pros and cons of dividing the atheist movement.

I had a blast meeting Jake. I found him really thoughtful and insightful, our podcast interview was really probing, and we hit it off so much that we talked shop and atheist politics for another hour after the show. You can hear our podcast discussion by clicking a link in this post. [Read more...]

Before I Deconverted: My Grandfather’s Contempt

A brief remembrance of my maternal grandfather’s religious skepticism and spirit of defiance, which I am proud to carry on. [Read more...]

Welcome, Theists and Other Religious Believers, To My Atheistic Blog

Welcome, theists and religious people, to Camels With Hammers. My name is Dan Fincke and I am happy to have you at my atheist blog alongside my existing audience of passionate, knowledgeable, and (usually) friendly atheists. Please use the comments section of this post to ask me any questions you have about me, my philosophy, [Read More...]

Read Camels With Hammers At Patheos, Starting Today

This is my last post at Freethought Blogs–at least for the foreseeable future. All new Camels With Hammers for the foreseeable future will be featured exclusively at Patheos. After this weekend, all older posts will redirect automatically to the new site at Patheos. Once the archive of the blog is moved to Patheos, I will be shutting [Read More...]

The Camels With Hammers Chicago Meet Up Is Tonight (8/4/12)!

If you live in Chicago, come join me and other Camels With Hammers readers tonight from 5pm-whenever-we-get-too-exhausted-to-continue-our-revelry at the Beer Bistro. It is located at 1061 West Madison Street in Chicago’s West Loop. View Larger Map [Read more...]

How I Relate To People Socially

Meditations on my personal experience with introversion, extroversion, friendship, interpersonal intimacy, small groups, large groups, social anxiety, social media, and public speaking. [Read more...]

My Day With The St. Cloud SSA

Click here to contribute to the 2013 fund drive for the Secular Student Alliance! After spending the weekend at CONvergence, I woke up this past Monday morning and my voice was completely shot (I’m still just getting it back today). So, straining to croak my words out, I spent the day with Patrick Mefford and other members of the [Read More...]

CONvergence: My Personal Recap

I spent much of the week before last at CONvergence, a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Bloomington, Minnesota. Here is a general recap of my trip and my impressions! [Read more...]