How I Relate To People Socially

Meditations on my personal experience with introversion, extroversion, friendship, interpersonal intimacy, small groups, large groups, social anxiety, social media, and public speaking. [Read more...]

My Day With The St. Cloud SSA

Click here to contribute to the 2013 fund drive for the Secular Student Alliance! After spending the weekend at CONvergence, I woke up this past Monday morning and my voice was completely shot (I’m still just getting it back today). So, straining to croak my words out, I spent the day with Patrick Mefford and other members of the [Read More...]

CONvergence: My Personal Recap

I spent much of the week before last at CONvergence, a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Bloomington, Minnesota. Here is a general recap of my trip and my impressions! [Read more...]

Somebody’s Getting Married

Somebody’s getting married today! And it’s Camels With Hammers’ own webmaster, Dave Smith! And he’s marrying the funniest woman alive, Meagan Magrath! And I will be in the wedding as a groomsman! In honor of this extraordinary day, here’s the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational wedding video I could find on the intertubes: The original [Read More...]

August 4 Camels With Hammers Party In Chicago

Hey everyone, we have had sufficient interest to schedule a get together in Chicago for Camels With Hammers readers on August 4 from about 6pm until whenever. If you can make it go to this Facebook thread and let Mary Jane know. She’s taken charge of the whole affair. Thanks Mary Jane! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]


I have dreamed of coming to Minnesota since I was twelve years old and fell in love with the epic “Weird Al” song “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota”: And now I’ve been here (though not at the twine ball, sadly) having a blast at CONvergence since Thursday. I think my panel contributions on [Read More...]

After I Deconverted: I Was A Radical Skeptic, Irrationalist, And Nihilist—But Felt Liberated

In a series of posts, I have been describing my former Christian life and beliefs, the stage by stage process of my deconversion from Christianity, and the ways that my predominantly Christian friends and family and I each took my deconversion. I am not done with all those stories yet, but because of other posts [Read More...]

How I Deconverted: I Made A Kierkegaardian Leap of Faith

December 1997-May 1999 On December 8, 1997, my two closest philosophy major friends and I found ourselves utterly dismantling our Christian beliefs. As we went over all the possible reasons to doubt the faith, we found we simply did not have it in us to spin things favorably that night. We saw immense problems with rationally [Read More...]

How I Deconverted: December 8, 1997

When I was a devoutly Evangelical Christian high school student there was a morning I woke up and felt anxious that I had not fully explored all the possible objections to my faith that I could. I resolved I needed to hear out the other side, I needed to radically scrutinize all my beliefs carefully [Read More...]