I have dreamed of coming to Minnesota since I was twelve years old and fell in love with the epic “Weird Al” song “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota”: And now I’ve been here (though not at the twine ball, sadly) having a blast at CONvergence since Thursday. I think my panel contributions on [Read More...]

After I Deconverted: I Was A Radical Skeptic, Irrationalist, And Nihilist—But Felt Liberated

In a series of posts, I have been describing my former Christian life and beliefs, the stage by stage process of my deconversion from Christianity, and the ways that my predominantly Christian friends and family and I each took my deconversion. I am not done with all those stories yet, but because of other posts [Read More...]

How I Deconverted: I Made A Kierkegaardian Leap of Faith

December 1997-May 1999 On December 8, 1997, my two closest philosophy major friends and I found ourselves utterly dismantling our Christian beliefs. As we went over all the possible reasons to doubt the faith, we found we simply did not have it in us to spin things favorably that night. We saw immense problems with rationally [Read More...]

How I Deconverted: December 8, 1997

When I was a devoutly Evangelical Christian high school student there was a morning I woke up and felt anxious that I had not fully explored all the possible objections to my faith that I could. I resolved I needed to hear out the other side, I needed to radically scrutinize all my beliefs carefully [Read More...]

Shelley Segal "The Dad Song"

Friend of Camels With Hammers Shelley Segal put up a song for her father on Father’s Day. Last week, in the wee hours of Friday morning in the US, but in the late afternoon in Australia, I interviewed Shelley. Her album, which does not include the song above is An Atheist Album. And in case [Read More...]

How I Deconverted, I Became A Christian Relativist

January 1997-December 1997: The first semester of my sophomore year I took predominantly theology and philosophy classes. Simultaneously I was taking both Church History I (covering church history from the time of the early church through the middle ages and stopping just before the Reformation) and a philosophy course on Augustine and Aquinas. I was [Read More...]

How I Deconverted: It Started With Humean Skepticism

I have written a number of personal posts about what I was like before I deconverted and then how things went for me when I deconverted. There is more to say about both those periods, but it is time to start explaining how I deconverted. And, philosophically, that started with my discovery of David Hume. [Read More...]

Bede Explains His Road To Catholicism

In college, Bede was my best friend. Today he is a monk. As I explained in a post I wrote last week, I consider him my closest philosophical brother. In that post, I alluded to the fact that it was his influence that led me to Nietzsche (through a long and arduous process I will [Read More...]

A Birthday

One of the women I will never really and fully get over, and among them the one that broke my heart the hardest and the last, turns 30 today. This was her favorite song. Wherever you are, happy birthday. [Read more...]