Welcome New York Times Opinionator Readers!

I am quoted in an excellent new post at The New York Times philosophy blog “The Stone”, which is part of its “Opinionator” section. The piece is by Steve Neumann and it’s called “Free The Philosophical Beast”. The article is about the need for philosophers to engage beyond the walls of academia. So I thought [Read More...]

Dan Fincke on “Equal Time For Freethought”

Saturday I got to be on the radio on WBAI in New York on the show “Equal Time For Freethought”, interviewed (very well) by Xaquiri Rzetelny. We talked about a range of things starting with why I want to deconvert people, what I think is wrong with believing by faith, what is wrong with more [Read More...]

Emotional Empowerment for Kids, Holiday Family Dynamics, and Teaching Kids Trans Issues

Steph at Grounded Parents has a wonderful blog post up about empathizing with children stressed out by the numerous disruptions and strangeness of the holiday season. It’s a wonderful antidote to authoritarian parenting, focused on respecting children’s needs and emotions and empowering them to manage them, rather than forcing them to subordinate them for the sake [Read More...]

Video of Dan Fincke Defending Objective Morality On Atheist Analysis

Tonight I was on the the second half of tonight’s Atheist Analysis show, starting at the 57:15 mark of the video above, to talk about prospects for objective morality. I thought it went really well and I’m really grateful to the show’s hosts for giving me the latitude to make complex points and for asking [Read More...]

Nietzsche the Dogsitter


By Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. (H/T: Kris.) If you go to the original page and click the red button in the lower right corner of your screen, Nietzsche has more to say. And last year a hilarious video came out on shit Nietzsche says. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Discover More Women Philosophers at Philosop-her

I just came across Meena Krishnamurthy’s philosophy blog highlighting the work of women philosophers called Philosop-her. Each blog post is a rigorous and representative philosophical article from a different featured woman philosopher. Here’s a full table of contents of the blog’s posts so far: November 21, 2014: Susanna Siegel (Harvard) “The Rationality of Perception” November 14, 2014: Heather Logue (Leeds) “How [Read More...]

Marcus Aurelius’s Stoic Stand Up

Michael Connell’s take on what Marcus Aurelius might be like as a stand up comedian cracks me up: For some of my own thinking that is either distinctly Stoic in character or in dialectical tension with Stoicism, check out any of these favorite posts of mine: How To Live Happily: Have No Expecations I Am [Read More...]

The Release of a Newly Recovered Classic Text (Message) From Plato


From the newly released Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters by the oft-hilarious Mallory Ortberg. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Jennifer Lawrence: “It is not a scandal, it is a sex crime.”

In a new Vanity Fair article, Jennifer Lawrence comments on how the recent release of her nude photos is a sex crime, how those viewing them without her permission are “perpetuating a sexual offense”, and how she has nothing to be ashamed of in taking the photos in the first place. I completely agree. She didn’t “deserve [Read More...]