“God’s Not Dead” Fans, I Dare You To Study The Existence of God With Me, a Real Atheist Philosophy Professor.

This post is periodically updated from its original to keep the information current.  I spent 11 years teaching philosophy at universities and I am an outspoken atheist blogger. So, I took special interest in the mean-spirited mischaracterization of people like me in the evangelical Christian movie God’s Not Dead, in which an atheist philosophy professor [Read More...]

Skeptic Canary Interview on Philosophy, Science, and Morality

I went on the Skeptic Canary podcast today. Tom Williamson and Guy Chapman were gracious and thoughtful hosts. We talked a good bit about the relationships between philosophy, science, and ethics and I was really really pleased with how it was coming out as it went (I haven’t had a chance to watch it back [Read More...]

Don’t Think of Philosophies As Diametrically Opposed

Having grown up an Evangelical Christian, I had a few habits that were hard to break when I became a philosopher and, eventually, an atheistic philosopher. The way I was raised, I was taught that I belonged to a faith that had all the right answers. Thinking was simply a matter of making explicit what [Read More...]

Video: Relating Morality To Nietzsche and Psychology

John Shook of Humanist Matters and Christopher Maute of Meeting of the Minds did a combined show last night interviewing Sarah Morehead (who is awesome) from the Recovery From Religion Foundation (which is also awesome) for about 50 minutes. Then they started interviewing me at 55 minutes. In the beginning of my portion, my audio [Read More...]

An Impassioned Defense of The Pursuit of Philosophical Questions

Olivia James has written a terrific post against atheists who dismiss the fundamental questions of reality and value on account of their being abstract, philosophical, and hard to solve. She describes the “emotional gut-punch” such questions can give her and complains that other atheists often are dismissive and invalidating about how important they are to people [Read More...]

Philosophy For Everyone

Below is my talk FtBConscience2 panel on “Philosophy For Everyone”. I appeared with Jess Whittlestone of 80,000 Hours, an effective altruism organization that helps people from all walks of life figure out how in their own occupations they can rationally determine what will create the most good, Julia Galef of The Center for Applied Rationality, which [Read More...]

Richard Carrier Defends Philosophy at Skepticon

Richard Carrier gave a talk defending philosophy at Sketpicon 6, last autumn. I’m watching it now in preparation for talking live with Richard as part of a “Philosophy for Everyone” panel that will also feature Julia Galef and Jess Whittlestone. You can tune into it live at 1pm Eastern Time today at ftbcon.org. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

In Defense of the Moral Cause of Feminism

In the last few years I have written a lot both on behalf of social justice and on the need to elevate the discourse surrounding it. I can say unequivocally that the feminist blogosphere and my activist feminist friends have made me a far better ethicist, a far better person, and a far better man [Read More...]

Patricia Churchland on The Colbert Report

Learn a ton about the neurology that makes morality possible from a leading neurophilosopher and superb science communicator and get some good laughs from a leading improvisational comic, all in under seven minutes. [Read more...]