How To Tell People They Sound Racist

Jay Smooth has advice worth internalizing. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Intent Is Not Magic, But It Still Matters

Sometimes we hurt others without intending to do so. Often in these cases, we typically feel it a matter of paramount importance to clarify our intentions and demonstrate that they were not malicious, and that the harm our actions did was accidental. This makes sense and is legitimate in that whether we are perceived as [Read More...]

Prison House of Textbook History

This guest post is excerpted from Sikivu Hutchinson’s Godless Americana: Race and Religious Rebels. [Read more...]

Mormon Apologist Uses Photo of The Dead Bodies of Lynched Blacks As A Gag Prop [Updated With Screencaps of Scrubbed Images and Comments]


A Mormon Professor who was rightly angry about slanders against his church resorted to an appallingly callous and implicitly racist means of sardonically satirizing the rumormongers. [Read more...]

Disowned Over An Interracial Relationship In 2012

Ashley Miller tells the heartbreaking story of how her father decided to disown her for dating a black man this past Thanksgiving. [Read more...]

“Have You Ever Thought About The OTHER Side?”

Evangelical Christianity had a powerful grip on my mind from the time I was 5 years old until well after my deconversion at 22. My Christian faith profoundly shaped my views, practices, and very identity in such incalculable ways that even years after leaving the faith and reconstructing my identity in a thoroughly irreligious way, my [Read More...]

Talking About Talking About Race With Ian Cromwell

Earlier this week, Ian and I decided to experiment with our new toy, Google Hangout, and conduct a follow up interview to our written one from last week. The first video cuts out at around 10:25 and is mostly just an “off-air” signal because I lost my internet connection and Google Hangout kept recording. So, [Read More...]

We Have Lost Rodney King

I found Rodney King to be very thoughtful in interviews in recent months. It is very sad to learn of his unexpected, untimely, apparently accidental drowning death. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

On Religions, Relativisms, and Races. An Interview With Greg Laden

The interview below was done as part of a blogathon to support the Secular Student Alliance. Please donate to this worthy organization! And see more links to the many diverse conversations from the blogathon, updated throughout the day, at the blogathon conversation table of contents. Daniel Fincke: I’d like to start by asking you what you [Read More...]