The Atheism and Wicca Series So Far

by Eric Steinhart Some folks have jumped into this series just recently, and others have had some trouble following due to the server problems in the last two days.  The point of this series is to critically examine Wicca (and other neo-paganisms) through the lens of atheistic analytic philosophy of religion. So here’s the list [Read More...]

Spiritual Exercises for Atheists

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart. Spiritual exercises (askesis) are practical activities for mental self-empowerment.  They are intended to facilitate successful achievement by increasing the degree to which the self is mentally or emotionally prepared to perform.  Spiritual exercises are not magic.  Spiritual exercises are distinct from magic because they focus on causing [Read More...]

Rational Rebirth

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart. Kurt Gödel (1906-1978) was an Austrian-American logician and mathematician.  He is best known for his incompleteness theorems and his work in axiomatic set theory.  However,  he also produced some deeply interesting philosophical arguments.  Some of these are found in his unpublished papers and letters.  One of these [Read More...]

The Eternal Return of the Same

The classical versions of eternal recurrence say that recurrence occurs within our universe.  Those classical versions say that there is a cyclical pattern of events in our space-time.  Since the classical theory of eternal recurrence makes claims about our universe, it is open to scientific study.  And it is almost certainly false.  There is no [Read More...]

From Aristotle through Buddhism to Nietzsche

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart. Among all the classical theories of life after death, the one that seems to be most consistent with naturalism is the ancient Buddhist concept of rebirth.  This concept is developed in Theraveda Buddhism.  Theravedic Buddhism is an atheistic (or non-theistic) religion.  Rebirth is linked to the Theravedic [Read More...]

Criticizing Wicca: The Wheel of the Year

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart. The Wheel of the Year is a division of the solar year into eight holidays (the solstices, the equinoxes, and four days in-between).   Insofar as the days on the Wheel of the Year mark natural points in the orbit of the earth around the sun, the Wheel [Read More...]

Two Arguments for Evolution by Rational Selection

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart. Although there is some empirical justification for the Principles of Sufficient Reason and Plenitude, much of the discussion of the logic of creation and evolution by rational selection has been highly abstract.  It has been a priori; a matter of pure reason.  But it is reasonable to [Read More...]

On Evolution by Rational Selection

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart. Almost all atheists are surely aware of Darwinian evolution, which is evolution by natural selection, and which explains the history of life on earth.  Universal Darwinism is the thesis that evolutionary principles operate beyond earthly biology.  Of course, not all things have genes or compete for survival [Read More...]

Creation Stories

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart. Many religions have creation stories.  The Judeo-Christian creation stories are found in the first chapters of Genesis, which is the first book of the Bible.  There is no need to repeat the Genesis stories here.  It can be agreed that there are some metaphorical or analogical correspondences [Read More...]