My Thoughts On Eric’s Wicca and Atheism Experiment

In early December, after juggling 9 classes and a daily blog all semester, I got sick. Eric Steinhart, a previous guest contributor on the blog, stepped in and has been the primary blogger on the site for one month now. He has discussed possible connections between atheists and Wiccans. Thursday was my first day where [Read More...]

John Lennon Did Not Imagine That "All Religion Is True"

So Cee-lo Green sings “Imagine” before the ball drop and, as has been done before, the lyrics are appallingly sanitized, changing “no religion too” to “all religion is true”. It’s sheer cowardly pandering bullshit. If you can’t respect the ideas of the song then just don’t sing the song. Leave it alone. Don’t twist it to [Read More...]

More on Religious Diversity among Atheists

[I did a short post on this two days ago; I’ve since dug further into the full Pew report and found more and stranger religious diversity among atheists.] The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life conducts the US Religious Landscape Survey.  The survey is statistically sound, and thus its percentages can be reasonably extrapolated [Read More...]

Atheism and Wicca: The Discussion So Far

I’ve been doing a long series of posts on atheism and Wicca.  I’m about mid-way through–  after taking break for the weekend, I’ll be back on Monday with posts about the Wiccan god and goddess; then on to the Wheel of the Year, reincarnation, and magic.  At this half-way point it’s a good idea to take [Read More...]

Answering Greta: My Goals As An Atheist Writer

In order to deal with the questions of whether we should argue with religious believers or insult and mock religions, Greta Christina raised question of what the atheist movement should be aiming at. If we adequately define our goals, then we can assess what is or is not counter-productive to achieving them. I agree with Greta [Read More...]

A Few Christian Replies to Hitchens’s Death Worth Noting

Shortly before Christopher Hitchens’s death, Andrew Sullivan movingly reminisced about him and gave a sense of how their friendship was so strong despite such differing views on faith: [Read more...]

Nine Theses on Wicca and Atheism

This is a guest post by Eric Steinhart, Professor of Philosophy at William Paterson University. I’m planning a pretty long series of posts here.  Mainly, I’m going to be arguing for several theses.  I won’t do posts that present them one by one; each post will typically deal with many theses.  Here they are: The [Read More...]

The Wiccan Deity

It’s Eric Steinhart here again. I’m going to begin my critical philosophical posts on Wicca by dealing with the Wiccan ultimate deity.  First, I’ll present some quotes from Wiccans describing this deity.  Next (in a separate post), I’ll do some analysis and compare and contrast this deity with some other deities in the Western religious [Read More...]

Full Video of Republican Theocratathon

Last weekend the Republican candidates met for the “Thanksgiving Family Forum” where, except for Ron Paul, they each tried to prove they were the holiest Christian and, therefore, the most deserving candidate for president of our theocracy democracy. The actual discussions with the candidates do not start until 36 minutes in. And, as Jerry Coyne [Read More...]