The Evangelicals' Fear of Knowledge

Peter Enns describes the ways that seminaries hide ideas, information, and arguments that might disturb their students’ faiths: [Read more...]

How I Deconverted: I Made A Kierkegaardian Leap of Faith

December 1997-May 1999 On December 8, 1997, my two closest philosophy major friends and I found ourselves utterly dismantling our Christian beliefs. As we went over all the possible reasons to doubt the faith, we found we simply did not have it in us to spin things favorably that night. We saw immense problems with rationally [Read More...]

How I Deconverted, I Became A Christian Relativist

January 1997-December 1997: The first semester of my sophomore year I took predominantly theology and philosophy classes. Simultaneously I was taking both Church History I (covering church history from the time of the early church through the middle ages and stopping just before the Reformation) and a philosophy course on Augustine and Aquinas. I was [Read More...]

What About Philosophical Christianity With Progressive Values? A Debate With Marta Layton

My next conversation partner describes herself thusly: “I am a doctoral student at Fordham University and also hold degrees from Cleveland State University (M.A., philosophy) and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro (B.S., mathematics). Currently I’m researching Anselm’s ontological argument and whether the alleged ineffability of God defeats the argument. More generally, I’m interested in the problem [Read More...]

"So You Say Christ's Love Is Unconditional and Non-Judgmental? Are You GAY?"

Jonathan Zeng was offered a job to teach music at a nondenominational Christian academy. But just hours later, he lost the job after one of his interviewers had found something fishy about the portion of his application in which he described his religious views. Zeng explains what set off the alarm bells: [Read more...]

A Sermon on Gay Marriage

For those who need to hear facts from a pulpit before they’ll believe them, the articulate and well researched sermon below might be of some use. I even learned a few things. Consider passing it on to the religious people against gay rights in your life. via The Dixie Flatline Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Evangelical Heaven

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Mr. Deity Meets Joseph Smith

In his newest Mr. Deity video, Brian Keith Dalton goes after his own former religion: Stick with the video after the credits for Brian’s account of what Dan Dennett is really like and to see a message to the Mr. Deity audience from numerous famous atheists (including our own PZ Myers) recorded at the Global [Read More...]

Christian Patriarchy and Emotional Incest

Libby Anne has a fascinating and troubling series on emotional incest and how Christian patriarchy actively cultivates it. The whole thing is must read. Here are a few key selections: [Read more...]