Sundaily Hilarity: Jesus The Tea Partier

Portraits of Jesus captioned with the statements of various right wingers from recent years: Many more great pictures, all linked to the sources of the quotes, here.  I imagine they’ll keep updating in the future, so remember to revisit. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Pat Condell’s Case Against The Catholic Church

After a tasteless joke early on, he’s justly scathing and deserves to be heard: Christians are too blithe when they distinguish the evils perpetuated by Christian institutions from those same institutions’ claims to moral and spiritual authority as founded by God or, at least, to their being the church of God at all. How in [Read More...]

Sundaily Hilarity: Asking Jesus If He Exists

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Christmas Daily Hilarity: Faithwatch

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Christmas Daily Hilarity: Judgmental Jesus

A video which somewhat hilariously captures the ludicrous essence of many a Christian’s belief in the hell-worthiness of the merest “sin.” Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Christmas Daily Hilarity 1: Terminator Sent To Protect Jesus

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Do As Jesus Says, Not As He Does…

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Jesus And Other Undead Monsters, A Venn Diagram

via The Good Atheist. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Lisa Hannigan Sings Personal Jesus

From October 30, 2009 at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota comes this great live concert footage of Lisa Hannigan’s exhilaratingly arranged and performed cover that’s making the biggest splash during her current shows opening for David Gray: I so want this live performance to show up in a .WAV file and then for it [Read More...]