An Atheist Meets God

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Dara O’Brien Vs. Homeopathy

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Atheists Make Efforts To Organize

Rather exciting stuff: Some are adopting rituals themselves, from de-baptisms to wedding ceremonies, as a way to cement ties among members. Others are organizing science-related outings or enrolling in community-service programs. Nationwide, atheists’ groups are now treading, sometimes gingerly, into unfamiliar territory. “This is the transition moment right now,” says Dale McGowan, author of “Parenting [Read More...]

James Randi Exposing Healing Frauds

James Randi, the former magician known as The Amazing Randi, in the ’80s went on Johnny Carson with some staggering footage and insight into how religious charlatans were faking miracles and swindling people.  This video shows a portion of what they uncovered. [Read more...]

A Statistical Case For Atheist Ethics

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Debunking Creationists: Water

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Daily Hilarity: Abraham and Isaac

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PZ Myers And Sam Harris On Atheist Activism And Everyday Encounters

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Daily Hilarity: Mr. Deity On The Lion And The Lamb

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