A Macabre Way To Learn The Alphabet


Pictures from gothic master Edward Gorey’s beautifully macabre children’s book for learning the alphabet, The Gashlycrumb Tinies. [Read more...]

If Mice Were Religious

For Vicky: via No Honor in Gods or Religion Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Simple Internet Vote Can Earn Secular Charities $50,000

UPDATE: The voting is over. And… YOU DID IT!! You won $90,000 for secular charities! The final totals are:

Secular Student Alliance – $50,000
Foundation Beyond Belief – $20,000
Camp Quest – $20,000

Thank you everyone who voted!! [Read more...]

Apostasy As A Religious Act (Or “Why A Camel Hammers the Idols of Faith”)


Welcome, new Patheos readers to Camels With Hammers! Welcome Camels With Hammers readers to our new home here at Patheos! Soon I will properly introduce myself to Patheos readers–including, specifically the religious believers who may be around here in slightly greater numbers than at Freethought Blogs. I also hope to share some of the many [Read More...]

“But Aren’t Some People Actually Stupid?”

I am pleased to see how many people are responding positively to my post Saturday on why I am against denigrating people’s intelligence with words like “stupid”, “idiot”, “moron,” etc. I want now to address a few common objections or caveats people want to offer. The key question people want to raise is whether or not [Read More...]

They’re Keeping A File On You (And Sharing It)

No, not the government. Well, okay, yes, the government. But also the restaurants: Increasingly, restaurants are recording whether you are a regular, a first-timer, someone who lives close by or a friend of the owner or manager. They archive where you like to sit, when you will celebrate a special occasion and whether you prefer [Read More...]

A Kitten and a Mirror

Pretty hilarious. Here are 9 more videos of animals trying to figure out the animal they see in the mirror. Your Thoughts? ————————————————— In the comments, Hazzard writes: The kitten is detecting agency in the mirror. It is experiencing the sensus felinitatus. Its intuition that the mirror contains a kitten is properly basic. Therefore, we can have [Read More...]

“Reverend” Sun-myung Moon is Dead

The Wall Street Journal reports: 1920—2012 SEOUL—Rev. Moon Sun-myung grew up in a Korean nation torn by colonialism and communism, started a church with himself as savior, built it into a world-wide movement known for its mass weddings and sprawling business empire—and despite preaching a doctrine of love and unity, often sparked divisiveness and controversy. [Read More...]

Australian Possum

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]