The Existential Crisis

I just spent a cathartic hour or so reading through PhD Comics. Here was just one of many I felt like sharing: [Read more...]

How To Study

Around America school is starting up again over the next three weeks. Here is part one of a psychology professor’s five part series of videos on how to study: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Infinity For Beginners

The concept of infinity is fascinating. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Where’s Wall-E?

A charming, clever, well drawn idea for a tribute to sci-fi robots: Click on the image for a much bigger version. Richard Sargent’s “Where’s Wall-E” poster is available for purchase. How many robots can you recognize? How many can you name? H/T: Seth Andrews Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Golden Girls + Justice League = _____________?

The answer: Below the fold is the original video so you can watch them simultaneously and see just how precisely this was done: [Read more...]

Zinnia Jones On Choosing To Identify As Transgendered

Zinnia is deeply illuminating and clarifying (as always) in this must-see video (or its must-read transcript, for those without the 15 minutes to watch) in which she discusses the element of choice in her transgenderism and answers the question of why those like her should opt for transgenderism rather than simply deny the validity of [Read More...]

My Thoughts on Various American Values

I am flying to Minnesota for CONvergence today and too swamped with my Batman and Philosophy preparation to use any time on the ground today to write a new post. Plus it’s the Fourth of July so I expect traffic to lag no matter what I do. But for those of you with some time [Read More...]

My Philosophy on What the Best Freethinking and Free Speech Really Entail

Anyone who has ever had me for a professor will attest that I foster an environment of open discussion in which everyone is free to express his or her mind. And they will also tell you that a wide range of people express a great many dissenting viewpoints on almost any topic that we discuss. [Read More...]

The Full Richard Carrier Interview

Over a 24 hour period from June 14-15, I conducted 18 three hour written interviews with various interesting people on a wide range of topics. Almost all of the interviews were conducted simultaneously with one, two, or even three other interviews at the same time. (Here is a full list of the interviews I conducted, [Read More...]