One Happy “Omen”

I know these things are meaningless coincidences, but the Mets’ only two championships came each within two years of great Tigers championships. The 1969 Mets were a follow up act to the 1968 Tigers and the legendary 1986 Mets were just two years on the trail of the legendary 1984 Tigers. Hopefully this loss is [Read More...]

The Morning After

My feeling is changing a lot. It’s never great but it wavers between frustrated and resigned. Last night I was first worried a lot about losing embarrassingly (historic upset in terms of records) and not making as much progress in showing up the Yankees as much as we’d hoped we could. Those sorts of frustrations [Read More...]

What also hurts….

simply that the season is over. suddenly no more Mets to watch. thanks to omar, at least we can expect lots of steady news all winter. I actually follow the winter transactions closer than the “meaningless” portions of the actual baseball season, so for November-January, I will at least have plenty of baseball thought and [Read More...]

Happy 56th Birthday Tom Petty

Your music is THE music. [Read more...]

As Willie’s Eyes Are Red

I’ve never seen a manager with eyes so full of tears, even as he is so cool and collected in voice and comments. He’s a damn good leader. This hurts a lot. I so hope that we build from this year and from this exercise in character development. I hope we look back to this [Read More...]

go tigers

the real team of destiny this year it’s your year. go eat the cardinals alive now [Read more...]

Cry or Throw Up? Cry or Throw Up?

I just can’t make up my mind. [Read more...]

Carlos Beltran Bases Loaded 2 Out

Down By Two Runs Does it get any more dramatic? AT ALL? PLEASE METS [Read more...]

Deja Vu

If we didn’t do it in 1986 coming back from a devastating two run homer, it would feel more possible to do it now. But replicating that?? Pujols does have a bad hamstring! I feel sick but not hopeless oddly enough. I still believe, however foolishly. [Read more...]