Yadier Molina Homers

and I feel like throwing up [Read more...]

It’s Official: This Will End As A Classic

Going to the ninth, tied at 1, the Mets without a hit since the first inning. Either we win in dramatic walk off fashion or we lose having just surrendered runs we couldn’t take back. As either the champions or the absolutely heartbroken, we will end with bats in our hands. Fitting. [Read more...]

Mets pitching this series thusfar (after top of 8th in game 7)

Through 60 innings of pitching the Mets staff has managed a 3.75 ERA. Think anyone is going to notice that impressive number from such an utterly discounted staff? Maybe we can match the Tigers after all! [Read more...]

The Team, The Time, The Mets

To the bottom of the 8th tied at 1! Here come Beltran, Delgado, and Wright! We will take the lead now and win in the top of the next inning. [Read more...]

Endy Chavez is a god

Headed to the bottom of the 7th, tied at 1. The Mets now have 3 scheduled at bats to the Cardinals 2. The Mets have now seen John Maine and Oliver Perez combine to give up just one run in 11 and 1/3 innings over two days. Unfuckingbelievable. It’s safely in our bullpen’s incredibly reliable [Read More...]

We Wanted A Team Reminiscent of the 1986 Mets….

Well, we wanted a season that celebrated 1986 with a duplication of a championship. And now we have the chance to see this team become legitimately legendary the way that team did in the end. Which is with the ability to come back from the apparent dead. It’s the adversity that makes the win classic [Read More...]

Sick To My Stomach

All day, just sick. Can’t believe we are up against one (hopefully two) MUST win games. All day, just sick. Can’t believe we are up against one (hopefully two) MUST win games. I’m confident we can win. I’m predicting we will win. We MUST win. We are down, but it’s not because of our starting [Read More...]

If THIS Is What It Takes To Get You To Sample Some Tom Petty, Thensobeit….

Mary Jane’s Last Dance played with feet only! Even if this is a fake, it shows more coordination in this guy’s feet than I can imagine having in mine to fake it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIOYLMnTt0s [Read more...]

My Best Friend Gives a Homily

In this video is John, my best friend, who is a Roman Catholic seminarian in California. This is part of a seven chapter film by a mutual classmate and friend of ours from our undergraduate days together as philosophy majors. Back then the maker of this series of short vignettes on theological matters was an [Read More...]