Laci Green vs. Fat Shame

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Stay in the Bike Lane

A ticketed bicyclist decides to stay to follow the letter of the law more strictly, with absurd consequences: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Marriage and Christianity: The Early (Thousand+) Years

Gary Wills dispels the contemporary fundamentalist Christian myth that marriage has always in Western culture been primarily a religious institution: The early church had no specific rite for marriage. This was left up to the secular authorities of the Roman Empire, since marriage is a legal concern for the legitimacy of heirs. When the Empire [Read More...]

James Croft vs. Alain de Botton

A couple months ago, James Croft was urging us here at Freethought Blogs to give Alain de Botton’s book Religion for Atheists: A Non-believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion a fair reading before trashing it. I started doing that, planning to respond to the whole book section by section. Within just a few chapters [Read More...]

The Women In Secularism Conference

Ashley F. Miller did us all a terrific service and extensively live-blogged the Women in Secularism conference held last weekend in DC. I’ve read chunks of it and it’s quite interesting. Here are all the links for your perusal: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, and Part VI. And, finally, there is her post-conference recap. The biggest story coming [Read More...]

A Member of Pastor Worley's Flock

Earlier this week Charles Worley advocated concentration camps for gay people. Last night one of his parishioners went on TV to explain to Anderson Cooper the reasoning behind her support for her pastor. Long story short: “The Bible. Shut up.” The longer incoherent rambling bigoted mess of her words is below: via Truth Wins Out [Read More...]

Why Is Facebook Going Public?

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Robots Eating Breakfast

I am about a week away from being ready to resume writing philosophy and blogging everyday. In the meantime, as I grade and grade I have the muppets running in the background most of the time. This terrific mime sketch of robots eating breakfast comes from The Muppet Show season 4: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

We Have Lost Maurice Sendak

He was the author of Where the Wild Things Are, among others. He died at 83 years old. Here were Stephen Colbert’s memorable segments with him which aired this year: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Grim Colberty Tales with Maurice Sendak Pt. 1 Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & [Read More...]