Broken Social Scene’s “Meet Me In The Basement”

This amazing instrumental killed live (it was my favorite part of their show) and I love the video: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Contemporary Christian Music Goes Tea Party

The title of Krista Branch’s song is “I Am America”.  How modest. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Aimee Mann’s “4th Of July”

Originally from her album Whatever, here is Aimee Mann’s song “4th of July” as performed on the DVD Live at St. Ann’s Warehouse: H/T: Balloon Juice for reminding me of the song today. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Born In The USA

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

They Coming To America

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

America – Fuck Yeah!

Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

“Surveillance”: A Video For The Liars Song “Scarecrows On A Killer Slant”

Liars’ most recent album, Sisterworld, is simply my favorite 2010 release so far.   It is just a great album.  Listen to a representatively great song from the album: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

More New Laura Marling!

She has just recorded a new single (in one take!) with Jack White. And here are two new songs also performed in one take (H/T: Twenty-Four Bit, again): And a live Jackson C. Frank cover: Once again, her extraordinary debut album recorded when she was only 17 is Alas I Cannot Swim (Dig) and her [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Jeff Tweedy Of Wilco Does Beyoncé’s Single Ladies

This is classic: Twenty Four Bit provides context: A Jeff Tweedy solo show is something to behold, and the Wilco frontman’s benefit gig at Chicago’s Vic Theatre in March was—by all accounts—a prime example. Tweedy performed a host of pre-submitted audience requests, including “Shakin’ Sugar,” a Wilco rarity that even he had to Google, Radiohead’s [Read More...]