Librarians Choose 10 Best Feminist Books of 2013

The Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association has a Feminist Task Force and for several years now they have been running what they call the Amelia Bloomer Project, which annually produces a list of the best feminist books of the year. They have impressive, especially thoughtful and politically conscious, criteria spelled out [Read More...]

I love Wrecking Ball but hate the video (by Lance Wisely)

Lance Wisely

Below is a guest post from Lance Wisely, an alumnus of my online philosophy classes, reprinted with permission from his blog Heretic With A Heart. Many videos feature gratuitious, problematic objectification, but the video for Wrecking Ball is willing to be incongruous and senseless to do so. The video opens. Miley is crying. This song is [Read More...]

What Makes A “Woman” Athlete?

The International Olympic Committee struggles with the question: The International Olympic Committee has a new rule this year for deciding who gets to compete as a woman. The IOC’s hope is to avoid a spectacle like the one that followed South African runner Caster Semenya’s victory in the women’s 800 meters at the 2009 World Championships. Semenya’s sex [Read More...]

“Have You Ever Thought About The OTHER Side?”

Evangelical Christianity had a powerful grip on my mind from the time I was 5 years old until well after my deconversion at 22. My Christian faith profoundly shaped my views, practices, and very identity in such incalculable ways that even years after leaving the faith and reconstructing my identity in a thoroughly irreligious way, my [Read More...]

Gender Pay Gap Among Elite Doctors

Just another piece of data to support the notion that implicitly sex discrimination is to blame for disparities between men and women in Western society: The researchers surveyed 800 physicians who had received a highly competitive early career research grant from the National Institutes of Health in 2000-2003. By focusing on these grants, the researchers [Read More...]

Miley Cyrus, Budding Feminist Role Model?

I have enormous sympathy for young people who have to grow up not only with adult pressures but media ones too. So, I am really pleased to hear the kinds of things that 19 year old superstar, and icon to teenage girls everywhere, Miley Cyrus is saying these days: [Read more...]

Ashley Judd on Sexist Scrutiny of Women's Appearances

Ashley Judd lists five ridiculous and sexist ways her appearance has been picked over in the media, below is just one of them and an important part of her takeaway: Four: When I have gained weight, going from my usual size two/four to a six/eight after a lazy six months of not exercising, and that [Read More...]

Christian Patriarchy and Emotional Incest

Libby Anne has a fascinating and troubling series on emotional incest and how Christian patriarchy actively cultivates it. The whole thing is must read. Here are a few key selections: [Read more...]

No, You Can't Call People Sluts.

Ever since Rush Limbaugh tried to slut-shame a law student for testifying at a forum hosted by Congressional Democrats about the medical needs that contraception serves, I had wanted to go through all Limbaugh’s remarks and detail the millions of ways they were awful for the morally obtuse. But I kept thinking, no, it’s just too [Read More...]