Catch Up! Chip In!

Since philosophical posts don’t age quickly, it’s not too late to catch up on some of my thought pieces featured on the blog the last week and a half.  Here’s a handy compendium if you’re looking to make sure you didn’t miss anything: First of course, there is the most sustained discussion in the blog’s [Read More...]

à tout à l’heure, Shane

For those of you who have followed along this last week, Shane and I have volleyed back and forth 7.5 times in a vigorous, rigorous, and somewhat wide-ranging debate primarily aimed at establishing whether or not religious faith constitutes an illicit appeal to arbitrary authority and whether religions, therefore, can be denounced on epistemological grounds [Read More...]

Why Camels With Hammers?

Evangelos has asked and it’s a good question, so here’s a brief explanation: It’s a combination of two images in Nietzsche.  The camel comes from “The Three Transformations,” a section of Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  He is there describing transformations that the “spirit” must undergo.  First it must become a camel.  The camel represents austere, ascetic, [Read More...]

Back in Blog

As the dates on the posts right below this one will show, I last blogged almost exactly a year ago. Fear not, this does not mean I’m a lazy or uncommitted blogger.  Rather, I did not feel justified diverting writing energies away from my dissertation at the time. But now I am finishing up my [Read More...]