You Glance Out Your Window and See a Shackled Black Slave and a Slavery-Justifying Bible Verse. What Do You Think?

I am surprised that even having read Sikivu Hutchinson’s detailed and eloquent denunciation of the American Atheists’ billboard featuring a vividly depicted bound African American slave beneath a Bible verse endorsing slavery, a fair amount of people still don’t seem to understand quite what was so wrong with it. So, below the offending picture, I’m [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Reply All

I post this for that one other person out there (assuming there is one) who actually does not watch the Super Bowl and missed this humorous ad that night: Bridgestone Tires “Reply All” Extended Ad – Watch more Funny Videos Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

This Could Actually Turn Me Catholic

As any one who knows me knows I find the idea that there is something supernaturally powerful and life saving, even god-incarnating, about Doritos pretty freaking compelling. Based on my experience with Doritos and my experience with communion wafers, only the former make any sense as a possible conduit in which Jesus comes back to [Read More...]

Creepy Panda Bear Commercial Of The Day

This video (via The Daily Dish) really changes my perception of pandas: For some reason this website is brimming with panda bear videos, so here are a couple of bonuses for panda bear enthusiasts: Here one escapes incarceration: Baby Pandas Playing: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: A Commercial

This clip has been viewed 16,707,271 times on YouTube.  But I’m sure someone out there is like me and hasn’t seen it before tonight: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daily Hilarity: Sarah Haskins On What She Learned Watching Ads All Year

Hilarious and insightful as usual, Sarah Haskins looks back at 2009 in commercials targeted at women: [ Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Hand Walker

After posting Tina Fey’s opening at the Ad Council dinner, I decided to look at the Ad Council’s YouTube page and found this novelty, an incredibly talented hand walker: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Evian Roller Babies

Creepy stuff: [Read more...]