“Get Out of There!”: A montage

Neat stuff from a youtuber who specializes in montages of film moments: via The Daily Dish Your Thoughts?   [Read more...]

Just How Intelligent Are WE Anyway?

Earlier, I quoted some of Greg Mayer’s ruminations with some students on whether or not alien forms of intelligent life would even recognize us as intelligent life.  In reply, on Facebook, John suggested Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s argument on the matter is decisive: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Would Aliens Realize We Were Intelligent?

Greg Mayer, as part of a charming larger piece, relates a back and forth he had with some students a few days ago on whether or to what extent we and alien intelligent life forms would be able to identify each other as intelligent life forms: I mentioned to the students that I’d seen a great [Read More...]