Ex-Communications: When Apostates Talk Back

I’m thrilled to draw your attention to a new group blog at Patheos Atheism organized around a much needed theme: writings from former believers back to the members of the faith they left explaining their point of view and what matters to them about how they should relate to each other going forward. Sarah Morehead, Neil [Read More...]

The Apostates vs. The Never-Believers

Do you notice any significant differences between atheists who deconverted from once being devout believers in a god or gods, those who only nominally were part of a religion that believed in a god or gods without that belief really ever becoming important to them or accepted by them as true (at least after early childhood), and those who were never theistic at all and were raised either with no religiosity at all or with an atheistic kind of religiosity? [Read more...]

A Powerful Account of One Ex-Christian’s Journey to Apostasy

Above is a beautifully made video that Prpl Fox made about his deconversion from Christianity. As I did, Prpl Fox deconverted as a 21 year old college senior. I recommend this video summing up his story to Christians who want to learn how to love and understand apostates and to the many atheists who identify [Read More...]

Jerry Dewitt’s American Atheists Convention "Sermon"

Jerry Dewitt is the first pastor turned atheist to come out as an atheist after joining The Clergy Project. The Clergy Project is an online community forum begun March 21, 2011, on which nearly 200 current and former clergy who have abandoned supernatural beliefs gain support and advice for each other as they contemplate coming [Read More...]

Calling Out And Debunking William Lane Craig’s Smears Against Infidels and Apostates

Is William Lane Craig a philosopher? Some atheists seem to want to dismiss him as strictly a theologian and in no way a philosopher but sometimes he clearly attempts to make strictly philosophical arguments. By strictly philosophical arguments I mean ones whose premises make no necessary appeal to any presumed religious authorities but theoretically could [Read More...]

Loving Doubt’s Journey To Atheism Part 1: “Mishearing God”

As Marty Pribble correctly notes, another major atheist YouTube video maker whom I unfortunately omitted (because I did not yet know her) when I made my list of Top 10 Favorite Atheist/Rationalist YouTube Channels a while back was Loving Doubt, who chronicled all the steps of her deconversion from being a Pentecostal Christian in her [Read More...]

Spatial Thinking Within And Without Religion

Peaceful Atheist has another extremely interesting post which, like her previous one exploring the need even for an atheist to explore what she calls her “religious imagination and need for transcendence” about which we already blogged here, now explores the role that spatial thinking played in her formerly religious thinking and how it works in her engagement [Read More...]