Wakefield’s Study Linking Autism And Vaccines Was Fraudulent

Not just bad science, we’re looking at outright fraud: Evidence published a decade ago, giving birth to the belief of a connection between vaccines and autism, has been deemed outright “fraudulent,” according to an editorial published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a former British surgeon, published research in 1998 that seemed [Read More...]

On Trusting Scientists With Respect To Toxins

Yesterday I posted up a video by C0nc0rdance, which received this comment from The Vicar, which I reposted in its own post.  I then wrote C0nc0rdance to see if he might give us a reply and, graciously, he has: Life is not a risk-free environment. It is filled with trade-offs of one consequence for another. [Read More...]

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? Correlation Vs. Causation

A excellent video with substantive science for personal education and to use as a resource with your anti-vaccination friends: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Daniel Tammet—The Boy With The Incredible Brain

The story of Daniel Tammet’s amazing, amazing, amazing brain.  Tammet can master a new language in a week and he can memorize pi to thousands of places and do extraordinarily complicated math problems in his head simply seeing the numbers and other images and patterns in his mind. There are 5 parts, be sure to watch [Read More...]