Ehrman Evades Carrier's Criticisms

Richard Carrier has now twice eviscerated Bart Ehrman for some seriously sloppy scholarly errors, first in a rebuttal to an Ehrman Huffington Post article and now in a full review of Ehrman’s book Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth. Carrier’s attacks were wholly substantive in nature and not at all ad hominem. But [Read More...]

Biblical Scholar Bart Ehrman’s Personal Deconversion + Problems With The Biblical Records

I identify with his personal account in the first two minutes quite a bit: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Catch Up Before You Speak Up

Luke Muehlhauser admonishes his fellow atheists to do a better job of catching up with the current states of various aspects of the scholarly debate between theism and atheism before presuming to publicly debate theists.  He gives a couple instructive examples of failure to do so: In a debate with theist Bill Craig, agnostic Bart Ehrman [Read More...]

Bart Ehrman’s Concise, Informative Summation Of The Case Against New Testament Reliability On Jesus’s Alleged Resurrection

A barrage of key details in less than 10 minutes. H/T: Common Sense Atheism Your Thoughts? [Read more...]