Don’t Burn Books, Write In Them

My last post reminded me of a great post at Friendly Atheist last month.  A former Christian was torn about what to do with her once much beloved Left Behind books which she now deemed too worthless to keep and too corrosive to donate to impressionable young girls.  She, like me, has also has a [Read More...]

Tonight’s Bed Time Story: The Death of Bunny Munro

By Nick Cave, read by Nick Cave: listen (and watch!) here! [Read more...]

Chegg Profits Off Of Renting Textbooks

As a bibliophilic teacher who held onto nearly every book he bought for college, I can’t say I’m thrilled by the “I’d rather just rent” attitude towards the value of books required for courses.  But on the upside the students who were going to re-sell their textbooks anyway probably now save much more on each [Read More...]