How To Live Happily: Truthfully Understand Yourself and Your Constructive Potential

My thoughts on self-esteem, identity, objectification, Jean-Paul Sartre, and overcoming self-sabotaging narratives we tell ourselves. [Read more...]

What's REALLY Wrong With Religion?

As a college student, in my Christian days, I remember reading C.S. Lewis explain what made Christianity plausible to him.  He was persuaded that all the pagan myths that preceded the advent of Christianity were precursors of Christ.  The similarities between the Christ story and numerous myths that had gone before him were not the [Read More...]

Defending Apostates’ Intellects Against A Dismissive Christian Apologist

This morning, I posted a few of Evangelical Christian Drew Dyck’s condescending and disingenuous attempts to understand the growing trend of sustained apostasy among young Christians.  In the last post I criticized his ideas and value prejudices which guided his discussion of the role that sexual development in young adulthood plays in leading people away [Read More...]