Daily Hilarity: Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving

Here’s wishing a belated happy Canadian thanksgiving to all our friends up north from a huge fan of all things Canadian! Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Cults Of Inerrant Leaders

Glenn Greenwald summarizes an atrocity of institutionalized injustice, whereby the executive branch of the United States has the power to abduct and torture innocent people with impunity: The Supreme Court today denied a petition of review from Maher Arar, the Canadian and Syrian citizen who was abducted by the U.S. Government at a stopover at JFK Airport when returning [Read More...]

Consigning Minority Rights To Majority Vote Would Make Constitution Unnecessary

David Boies sums up the case he and Ted Olson are making in favor of a constitutional right to gay marriage: Countries as Catholic as Spain, as different as Sweden and South Africa, and as near as Canada have embraced gay and lesbian marriage without any noticeable effect — except the increase in human happiness [Read More...]

Did Canadian Prime Minister Kidnap The Body Of Christ?

Did he scandalously cart it off in his pocket instead of swallowing it?  Here’s the controversial footage and story: [Read more...]