James Croft on Humanist Values, Opposing Religion, and Supporting Gay Marriage as Sacred

James Croft will be on the Camels With Hammers Show on Sunday morning at 10am EST. In this post, I put up two excellent speeches he gave this year. In one he explains how Humanists historically have, and in the future can, play a special role as moral reformers. In another he attempts to give a morally and politically influential speech–and succeeds. Along with the videos, I quote an illuminating section of an interview I conducted with him last summer. [Read more...]

Is The Problem Not Really The Lack Of Civility?

mistermix argues the real poison in the discourse is not incivility but, rather, dishonesty: if I had a choice between a more civil discourse and a more honest one, I’d pick honesty every time. The reason that hundreds of angry people came to town hall meetings in my Congressional district in 2009, and the reason [Read More...]