Before I Deconverted: Christmas Became A Christian Holiday To Me

Danny Fincke with a Grover puppet as a child on Christmas, unwittingly foreshadowing his days as a "Grover" at Grove City College.

I don’t have the best memory of childhood, so forgive me if my recollections are a bit scattershot. 1983-1986: My earliest memories of Christmas are of getting presents and eating big meals at big tables with my mom’s big extended family on Christmas Day and I remember Christmas Eves with the Finckes with my many cousins [Read More...]

Sundaily Hilarity: Hammered Camel?

Many thanks to vorjak. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

The Atheist Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas to everybody celebrating! The singer is Vienna Teng, the album is Warm Strangers, the heads up as to its existence is owed to Daniel Florien at Unreasonable Faith (who also helpfully provides the lyrics). [Read more...]

Christmas Daily Hilarity: Christmas Shoes

Via Unreasonable Faith, comes Patton Oswalt’s cathartic takedown of a nauseating Christmas song: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Bob Dylan Christmas Album Preview

This has to be heard to be believed.  My friend put it best on Facebook: How can something be so awful and so great at the same time? I have to admit that as much as I love Dylan to death, sometimes there is such a dour ponderousness about him, that this sort of charmingly [Read More...]