The Atheism Tapes: Richard Dawkins Interviewed By Jonathan Miller

An interview from the time of the beginning of the Iraq war.  He talks about the connection between religion and people’s tendency to personify evil and personify good and religion and whether such religious thinking is partly to blame for Bush’s and Blair’s judgments.  Dawkins discusses how at 9 the plurality of religions initially led [Read More...]

Dispelling The Myth That Nazism Was An Outgrowth Of Darwinian Atheism

In April of last year, Richard Dawkins wrote this letter (which should be read in full) to someone duped by the slander that Darwinian atheism led to Hitler’s ideals and goals: His horrible bidding was done by millions of ordinary German footsoldiers, and the great majority of them were Christians. Many were Lutheran, and many [Read More...]

International Study of Darwin Awareness and Acceptance

Found this on PZ Myers. Overall good news that even though there are still some countries depressingly uninformed about Darwin— The results show that the majority of people polled have heard of Charles Darwin with the highest levels of awareness in Russia (93%), Mexico (91%), Great Britain (91%), and China (90%) whilst less than half [Read More...]