A Philosophers’ Blog Carnival!

This month, the New York Times featured numerous philosophers’ opinions on the “experimental philosophy” movement which has garnered increasing attention in the last couple of years.  In response,  at Thoughts Arguments and Rants, Brian Weatherson tries to discern what precisely makes “experimental philosophy” any different than the many other scientifically aware philosophical approaches that have existed [Read More...]

David Chalmers On “The Singularity”

What happens when machines get smarter than humans?  Presumably, they will build machines smarter than themselves which will build machines smarter than themselves and onward towards infinity. Philosophy Bites interviews David Chalmers, a leading philosopher of mind, about the concept and its possible realization. Thanks to 3QuarksDaily for the heads up. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

69.7% of Philosophy PhD Holders “Accept or Lean Towards” Atheism

Last November, PhilPapers did a rather thorough and comprehensive survey of both professional philosophers and aspirants to the profession which explored our views on a number of major philosophical issues. Here’s a breakdown of the survey’s participants: The PhilPapers Survey was a survey of professional philosophers and others on their philosophical views, carried out in November [Read More...]

Philosophers’ Blog Carnival

Welcome to The Philosophers’ Blog Carnival at Camels With Hammers! (via Peter Mandik’s Brain Hammer) First I want to kick things off with a super post not actually submitted to the carnival but worth your attention nonetheless. Phil Goetz writes: The history of religions sometimes resembles the history of viruses. Judaism and Islam were both [Read More...]