On Good And Evil For Non-Existent People

Kyle, from the video blog Serptopia writes the following to me in reply to my posts from the summer, “On The Intrinsic Connection Between Being and Goodness”: Oh my, you seem quite the Aristotelean. From a certain angle, yes, I am very Aristotelean.  But in the broader picture, I see myself as situating all of [Read More...]

A Tale From A Death Bed

Clergy Guy presents another poignant slice of a part of life to which clergy have unusual access: It was one of those late night vigils where the family was trying to find the resolve to turn off the machinery that kept the man breathing. His wife was hysterical, refusing to believe his brain was gone. [Read More...]

Daily Hilarity: Death’s Complaints

The really funny new Mr. Deity is below. And this time the now regular plea for donations at the end has some moments that are even funnier than the episode.  It’s all really hilariously done. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

If These Are God’s Miracles, Where Are His Priorities?

Brand new from ZJ:  The French have a spring that is alleged to perform miracles.  ZJ reasons that even if it did perform miracles it wouldn’t speak much of the deity behind them: Mr. Deity on the other hand seems to understand these criticisms and that’s why he never intervenes: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]


[Read more...]