Fear Of Middle Eastern Democracy

Watching this video, I’m starting to fear those who have seemingly no belief in either the intrinsic value or potential effectiveness of democracy as much as I fear Islamism: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

“Today, There Is Joy.”

Will Wilkinson gives an eloquent defense of the joy in Egypt today: I admit that I am more than a little tempted to rain on the parade and note that Mr Mubarak’s departure guarantees nothing and that it is not unreasonable to fear a turn for the worse. There’s a tiny, stability-loving Burke on my [Read More...]

Footage Of Attack On Anderson Cooper in Cairo

This really gives you the sense of the brutal, scary situation on the ground: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

A Plain-Clothes Mubarak Crackdown?

An upsetting and infuriating inference from Nicholas Kristof: Today President Mubarak seems to have decided to crack down on the democracy movement, using not police or army troops but rather mobs of hoodlums and thugs. I’ve been spending hours on Tahrir today, and it is absurd to think of this as simply “clashes” between two [Read More...]

Real vs. Fake Democratic Revolutions: A Pictorial Representation

via The Daily Dish (whose Egypt coverage all-day, everyday is must read) and whatstherumpus.) Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Should We Fear An Influential Muslim Brotherhood Would Push Authoritarian Islamic Policies?

Nathan Brown is a political science professor at George Washington University and director of the school’s Institute for Middle East Studies.  He gives an overview of the Muslim Brotherhood’s evolution from their found through to today, explains how their renunciation of violent means came to pass decades ago, why al-Qaeda sees them as sell outs, [Read More...]

How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt

A helpful guide, with special emphases on how not to be insufferably condescending. Your Thoughts? [Read more...]

Dissent of the Day

I received secondhand this reply to my post on Clinton’s response to the situation in Egypt: 1. I’d like his explicit definition or explication of “long term concerns for stability in the region.” 2. If we really want the United States not to be dictating to foreign countries what they should do then we should [Read More...]

Is This What Secretary Clinton Really Means?

I have already made my case that Secretary Clinton is saying the right things. In the interest of giving equal time to alternative viewpoints, here is a wholly uncharitable and scathing video which “translates” recent remarks to show that she allegedly “really means” the wrong things: Your Thoughts? [Read more...]