Making “Colonel Kagan” Cry

Robert Merrill was an active-duty Marine Corps captain fresh from Fallujah when he arrived at Harvard Law in 2005.  He returned to the military after graduating in 2008 and is currently a Marine captain and legal adviser to an infantry battalion in southern Afghanistan.  He wrote a piece in The Washington Post that Kagan claims [Read More...]

The Church’s Blatant Contradictions, Past And Present

Christopher Hitchens is concerned that the majority Catholic and secularist-free Supreme Court may have a conflict of interests when it answers the question of whether the Vatican should have sovereign immunity protections to shield it from lawsuits over the sexual abuse carried out within American parishes.  He also is suspicious of Elena Kagan for her [Read More...]

Alternatingly Platitudinous and Judicious

Referencing some of Elena Kagan’s earlier remarks about the confirmation hearing performances of Justices Ginsburg and Justice Breyer performances, Ed Morrissey contemplates what’s ahead for Kagan should she be confirmed for the Supreme Court: [S]he called out justices [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer — both Clinton appointees — for dodging tough questions. “I suspect that both [Read More...]