4 Kinds of Movement Atheist (Secularist Atheists, Identity Atheists, Evangelical Atheists, and Constructive Atheists)

Not all movement atheists think alike or share the same goals. This is an attempt to clarify some of the differences both within ourselves and between ourselves. [Read more...]

Calling All Atheists Who Were Once Devoutly Religious!

Evangelical atheists, like me, are interested in debating religious people with the intent of dissuading them of their religious beliefs. In my case, I think that the greatest good humans can strive for is to maximize the total aggregate of excellently functioning human powers. Put more simply, we should aim to aid our fellow humans [Read More...]

Evangelical Atheism?

So we activist atheist types who like to be outspoken about our atheism and network with other atheists are often derisively called “evangelical” or “proselytizers”. In all cases, the irony is clear and in some cases there are allegations of hypocrisy attached to the claim that we aim to “convert” people. Is it right to [Read More...]